Betsoft Goes Spooky With Blood Eternal

Betsoft’s latest release is bound to appeal to hearts and minds of vampire lovers! As the days get broodier and darker, so do slot themes, apparently. We are not quite sure if there’s a correlation there, but that’s something for scientists to investigate. In any case, Blood Eternal has a penchant for making your skin crawl and takes great satisfaction in giving you a goose bump or two, so let’s see where we stand with this latest addition to the ever-growing world of slots.

First off, it’s worth knowing this is a five-reel, three-row game with 30 ways to win. The visual element of the game is every bit as impressive as we’ve come to expect from Betsoft – set in an eerie interior, with moonlight beaming through the old, gothic windows, illuminating big halls with columns and lone candles. A desolate house is only matched in creepiness by the equally disturbing, but lovingly rendered grid that occasionally gets splattered with blood. The lower value symbols are the letters, while high value symbols include a bat, a gargoyle, a blood vial, a crucifix, a corked bottle with unknown content (presumably holy water) and symbols of a human male and female with concerned looks on their faces along with male and female vampire icons. When human and vampire symbols land next to each other, they merge into a unique symbol of a vampire feasting on the neck of a human, launching the Free Spin mode. Eight free spins are awarded, and if you manage to repeat the human/vampire combo during this, you get another eight!

Another special feature to look forward to is called, Double Bats. The previously mentioned bat symbols take two forms: one bat and two bats. The double bat icon has the value of two single bat symbols (duh). And the more symbols are landed, the bigger the amount of cash to be won. Get this – landing twelve bats will multiply your bet by…10000! How about that?

A Double Up feature allows you to click on the button of the same name after any win and you will be able to double your money. To do this, you will need to play the old tail or heads coin game. Sometimes, going back to basics is the way to go.

Enough prattle – check out the gameplay below: