Casino Morongo Returns to Southern California

Casino Morongo Returns to Southern California

Morongo Band of Mission Indians are reliving the past and again opening the doors to Casino Morongo property that will be established in Cabazon, SoCal, with Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa expansion already happening.

Feels Like Home

As a refreshment of its own kind, among the flurry of news about the opening of new, hyper-modern mega-resorts owned by the riches and biggest gambling companies of the world, comes the news of the re-opening of Casino Morongo.

The new-old facilities will all be located in each other’s general vicinity – across the road, so to speak – as the casino gets going before resort and spa do. Recently, the Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa lost its original purpose and was used mostly for special events, bowling and bingo.

A newly reopened Morongo has over 300 slot machines, a new restaurant with classic American comfort food cuisine, overhauled bar with video poker machines Although unofficially part of the larger project that includes a spa and a resort, Casino’s executive director of marketing, Simon Farmer, says it’s vital to recognize the Casino as a standalone beast of its own kind.

The original facility was opened in 1995 in Southern California and since the planned expansion has gradually turned the casino project into something much larger than anticipated, the officials agreed to move the slots to the old casino as additional 65,000 square feet of space was to be constructed.

Boosting the Local Economy

Robert Martin, who is a Morongo Tribal Chairman, has stated that they’ve come a long way since the heydays of the much more modest bingo hall operating in the 1980s.

Martin underlined the crucial importance of these separate venues for the local community, as it will create thousands of jobs and generate billions of dollars for the economy, making the region financially stable for years to come.

Separating Casino Morongo from Morongo Casino, Resort and Spa will result in a much more spacious and relaxed environment for their guests and patrons. Pit Stop Diner restaurant will work 24 hours a day, while video poker games and 30 TV screens will be at a disposal of bar visitors.

Substantial Games Offering

Slot machines on the premises will include large interactive games such as Walking Dead Slot as well as old-timey classics like Pot-O-Gold. Tabletop poker could also be introduced to the venue, according to Farmer.

As a part of the Casino’s VIP offering, Casino Morongo will hand out Winners Club Card. Visitors who earn points can get free meals, free slot time and enter tournaments and become eligible for various promotions.

“It’s not just this overflow side project. We’ve got a lot of team members from the resort that came over here. We have the same kind of commitment to providing a good time that people expect from the big property,” Farmer concluded.


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