CasinoCoin Expands Board of Directors

CasinoCoin has appointed the industry’s prominent professionals to its recently established advisory board, which is to assist the Foundation in promoting the best-use practices in regulated gambling markets. Senior executives from Gamesys, Kindred Group, which has been recognized for responsible gaming efforts, and OPL Gaming will be joining the non-profit organization, CSC, by the end of the month, thus supporting the establishment of the Double C Foundation, which represents its cornerstone.

CSC is an open source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency constructed specifically for the regulated online gambling industry, and the company’s advisory board will soon become richer by some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, featuring Lee Fenton, Britt Boeskov, Sam Hobcraft, Morten Tonnesen, Luke Webster, Jeffrey Haas, David Sargeant and James Scicluna.

Former directors, regulators, founders and execs of Pokerstars, LSE, iGaming Ideas and WH Partners are ready to support the company with unparalleled experience and strengthen the global gaming sector, starting with cryptocurrency promotions in a consumer-friendly and regulated enviroment.

The future of gaming depends on the development of BTC, and working on its legitimacy in a secure fashion is allowing the project to completely change the face of the whole industry. CasinoCoin had recently announced its plans for launching further operations in New Zealand, which should establish a strong foundation for advanced blockchain technologies and regulatory frameworks.

The newly appointed board of directors is convinced in the brand’s success, as the organization slowly (but surely) becomes the leader in the area of online gambling with strong regulations. By placing operators and clients first, the cryptocurrency aims to reshape some old standards and setup new features of a developing, growing technology based on KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering).


“Senior Executives Join CasinoCoin Advisory Board”,, October 2, 2017.