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Our Team

  • Jim Murphy:
    Completed English Literature at the University of South Carolina and has been a US sports writer and odds expert for most of his professional life, he also writes at &
  • Andrej Vidovic:
    Andrej has been an integral part of the Real Money Action team since the summer of 2017, after accumulating a wealth of writing experience that he puts into daily news-writing use. Coming from a diverse educational background (as in: not ever settling for one degree and pursuing several for ages now), when he’s not spending time dazzling his colleagues with online shopping prowess and plotting his next travel, he likes to paint, read and contemplate what would Kierkegaard do.
  • Kim Morrison Davis:
    Kim has over two decades of research and writing experience and degrees in social science with minors in graphic communications and human behavior. Kim’s love of casinos and gaming runs in her family and she also has an affinity for fantasy sports. Kim has also been an Author at since 2015.
  • Alex Hoffmann:
    Alex is a writing guru and passionate gambling whisperer, who joined the LCB network in June 2017. Born and raised in ex-Yugoslavia’s capital, Belgrade, sometimes called the crossroads between the East and West, his first childhood heroes were novelists whose work sparked his appetite for literature and later a career in writing. Although a philologist by profession, Alex has always been a tech-savvy which helped him combine his linguistic talents with the digital media, content marketing and creativity, allowing him to leave a significant written mark in various industries. Since being open to life means the world to him, Alex enjoys traveling, playing music, doing philanthropy work, staying in shape, reading books, meeting new people and stargazing with anyone about anything… if it makes sense.
  • Tamara Vucinic:
    Tamara is the newest addition to our online team that joined us just at the beginning of 2019. Although she studied Spanish language and literature, teaching was never her thing. Luckily, she found her passion in digital media where she’s worked for the past six years. In her spare time, she likes to look at people’s natal charts, since she finds Astrology her biggest inspiration in life. Tamara is a huge digital media enthusiast and the internet has been her thing ever since she blasted newest Britney Spears songs while playing The Sims on her Windows 98. When she is not creating online content or stalking people on Instagram, Tamara likes to go for long walks and enjoy her adored hometown. On weekends, you can find her chilling in her favorite neighborhood café.

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You can work from any location or from our offices located in several locations in Europe.

Required Skills and competencies:

  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Exceptional grammar and proofreading competencies
  • Competent organization and analytical skills, accuracy and attention to details
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Interest in topics related to gambling & news in the casino industry

Daily Tasks:

  • Compose and proofread related articles.
  • Research accurate data related to articles.
  • Publish, edit and respond to articles.

Please send your CV and cover letter to