Daniel Tosh wins $25k Bet on Patriots – Pays Sick Friend’s Bills

Comedian Daniel Tosh might earn a living by making fun of other people. However, he proved to have a heart of gold by winning a $25,000 bet on the New England Patriots, then using the winnings to pay his sick friend’s medical bills.

The host of Tosh.0 made the wager to help his friend and fellow comedian, Andy Ritchie, who is suffering from a brain tumor. Tosh risked his $25,000 on the New England Patriots being able to cover a 3.5-point spread against his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins. Here’s more on the sports bet from the Hollywood Reporter:

“Once I double it, [Ritchie] can do whatever he wants with it; go on a lion-hunting safari or get treatment,” said Tosh.

Tosh bet it all on the New England Patriots to cover the first-half three-point spread against his beloved Miami Dolphins during the Thursday night game.

Charlie Siskel, executive producer of the show, told THR the bet is legit, and Tosh will give every penny of his winnings to Ritchie.

“It is a bit for the show as we are doing it for comedy, but it is also real,” says Siskel. “If we win, yes, the plan is to contribute it to Andy, who’s in a rough spot.”

Given that it was the Patriots, who have a history of skirting NFL rules to gain an edge, Tosh couldn’t help but crack a few jokes about the situation.

“If my Dolphins are winning, I’m happy. If they’re losing, Andy gets some much-needed help. If the Dolphins are only losing by three points, there is no God,” Tosh said. “So please, Tom Brady, once in your life, you and Bill [Belichick] use your shady, dishonest cheating powers for good in the first half only. In the second half, I hope you get the bleep kicked out of you.”

In addition to joking around about the bet, Tosh also hit Las Vegas and did an NSFW skit about his sports betting experience. which you can check out in the Hollywood Reporter article. He also started a GoFundMe account for Ritchie, which, to date, has already raised over $50,000 for medical expenses.