Online Casino Deposit Methods

Online casino deposits are made using a variety of different methods. When customers want to add money to their online gambling accounts, they need some way of transferring their funds from their wallet or bank account to the site’s financial department.

That’s where deposit methods like eWallets and wire transfer services come in.

We’ve reviewed the nine most popular online casino deposit methods. The list below includes a brief guide to each of them, plus a link to our longer review that covers each method in a lot more detail.

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American Express

American Express is one of the best-known brands in the world. In business since 1850, Amex is now a major player in world finance. American Express credit card products imply a certain prestige and exclusivity that you don’t get with other credit card products. Though American Express-friendly casinos are rare, they do still exist.

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Credit Card

Using credit card products to make a deposit is a popular choice. That’s because most casino customers already have at least one piece of plastic in their wallet, and probably more. Using a product you already own to make a deposit is convenient, as you can usually send the money straight to your casino, without the need for a middleman like an eWallet.

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The Discover card premiered in the 80s. It was a huge hit thanks to features like no annual fee, 2% cashback rewards, and higher credit limits than most people had access to with other branded products. Discover is not accepted as a deposit method at as many online casinos as Visa or MasterCard.

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eCheck deposits are really “digital checks,” similar to paper checks in every way except that they don’t physically exist on a piece of paper. eCheck deposits are fully-digital transactions in which your funds are drawn from a bank account. They work just like a paper check. The only downside of eCheck payments to casinos – your funds won’t be available until the eCheck clears. You can wait as many as four or five business days before your bank clears the money and pays the casino.

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MasterCard’s roots in finance go back to the mid-60s. At the time of this review, they’re a multi-billion dollar financial institution. MasterCard owners who want to make deposits to online casinos are in luck, provided they don’t live in the US. MasterCard is accepted at tons of online casinos.

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Skrill, formerly known as MoneyBookers, has been in the eWallet business since 2001. That makes them one of the longest-running such companies in the world. Though Skrill was forced out of the US market, like many other payment processors, they’re still active in the global market. Skrill seems to be making something of a comeback – it is the only approved eWallet service for online gamblers on New Jersey’s new state regulated platform, for example.

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Visa is a trillion-dollar credit card and finance company operating around the world. More than 60% of all US debit and credit cards are Visa products. That means you can use your Visa card at more places than any other credit product in the world. It also means that a ton of online casinos accept deposits using a Visa card.

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Western Union

Western Union is the biggest player in the worldwide wire transfer game. Like American Express in the credit field, Western Union is the oldest still-operating wire company in the world, with roots that go back to the time before the Civil War. No longer has a telegram service, Western Union handles financial transactions ranging from a few bucks to tens of thousands of dollars in countries all over the world.

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Neteller is available for use at thousands of online casinos and serves as a global leader in online payment services. It acts as an online wallet, which allows for instant cash transfers among affiliates, and other Neteller account holders. Furthermore, it allows users to open a free account and transfer funds, which can be completed in seconds, from a bank account or credit card, or by wire transfer. It is a secure method, utilizing SSL 128-bit encryption technology.

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ecoCard is regarded for its fast, simple and flexible method of managing online finances. It allows for deposits into your account by Western Union transfers, bank payments, and PrivatMoney transfers, and serves a prepaid card which can be used anywhere. It is available in three currencies: Euro, GBP, and USD. It is an option which can be used worldwide, free of any requirement for credit checks or bank accounts.

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