American Express Online Casinos

AMEXAmerican Express online casinos accept payments from one of the most trusted brands on the planet. Founded in Buffalo, New York in 1850, Amex has grown into a cornerstone of the financial industry, and they are routinely associated with excellence and affluence.

Clients pay an annual fee for the right to carry and use the card. As the company’s former slogan said, “Membership has its privileges.” Holding an American Express card is a sign of legitimacy, a symbol that you’ve “made it” in the adult world.

Many American Express cards are also excellent credit tools that offer a lot of value to people lucky enough to acquire them. But are they good for online gamblers looking for a legitimate deposit method?

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American Express Deposit FAQ

Can I use my American Express card to fund an online gambling account?

Some casinos advertise that they accept deposits using Amex cards and other products.

Does American Express do business with US-based gamblers?

At this time, no. More details available below.

How much does it cost to use my American Express card to make a deposit?

This answer varies from casino to casino. You’re likely to pay a small fee for any casino deposit or withdrawal.

Is it safe to use an American Express card for casino or poker room deposits?

Provided you’re doing business with a reputable gambling website, it is perfectly safe to use your American Express card.

Is it legal to use an American Express card for a casino or poker room deposit?

The answer depends on where in the world you live. In some parts of the world, it is illegal to play online casino games for real money. Check your local laws if you’re concerned about the legality of an Amex deposit.

Amex deposit

Can I make withdrawals using my American Express card?

I have seen American Express advertised as a withdrawal method at some casinos.

How do I get an American Express card?

The easiest way is to apply online here. American Express offers four main credit products that are available to the average consumer. Each requires different standards for membership and each offers different member rewards programs and other benefits.

Amex and Online Gambling

In a 2013 article in the Bloomberg News, a representative from American Express stated that the company “… did not accept transactions for the purposes of online gambling.” That’s odd, considering how many casinos state that they accept deposits via American Express.

If the company does prohibit such transaction, then why do various Internet casinos continue to list Amex as a deposit option?

The most likely answers are:

  • Amex payments are accepted ONLY from outside the U.S.
  • Amex payments are only accepted on a limited basis
  • Casinos falsely advertise the American Express option

I find it hard to imagine, however, that casinos would waste their time listing a deposit option that has no chance of getting processed. This seems like a waste of everyone’s time, and there’s a good chance that a frustrated customer would just take their business elsewhere.

One possibility is that certain disreputable casinos are only looking for your credit information for the purposes of fraud, and it doesn’t matter which card you use. It’s hard to imagine that this is the case, however, as such an operation would be quickly exposed and blacklisted by the various watchdog and advocacy sites across the Internet.

I think American Express was talking about how they don’t do business in the US market.

The most reasonable explanation is this – gaming establishments in the rest of the world only process American Express payments some of the time. Getting the card may be difficult, but using it to deposit at casinos may be even more of a challenge thanks to an apparently negative corporate attitude towards Web-based gaming.

Amex Cards and Options

Whether you’re looking to gambling online or just do some shopping, there are a wide range of cards available to customers. In fact, their personal cards are divided into three categories:

Charge Cards – The balance on these cards must be paid in full each month.

Credit Cards – The card’s balance can be rolled over to the following month.

Prepaid Cards – The customer places a certain amount of money onto the card and uses it until the funds are depleted. The card can be reloaded at any time.

The most popular cards from Amex include the following:

Amex EveryDay – This card offers no annual fee, as well as 0% APR for the first 15 months. Customers earn double reward points when the card is used at the supermarket.

Green Card – The item most associated with Amex. Charges must be paid in full each month, and there’s an annual $95 membership fee (although the first year is free).

Gold Card – The first year of membership is free, with an annual charge of $125 kicking in after that. There are no interest charges, as the balance is paid each month. Membership points are earned with each purchase and can be redeemed for various goods and services.

Platinum Card – One of the most prestigious cards in the company’s line, the annual fee is $450. Members receive a wide array of benefits at airports, hotels, and concert venues.

American Express online casinos do exist, but their numbers are far less than sites offering Visa and MasterCard. That’s because Amex is reluctant to fully embrace Internet gaming, preferring to avoid additional hassles such as fraud and shifting legislation. Considering that their success doesn’t depend on this market, don’t expect their attitudes to change anytime soon.