Click2Pay no longer exists they shut their virtual doors.

Click2Pay Online Casinos

Click2Pay online casinos allow money to be deposited and withdrawn by the aforementioned e-wallet service. Money is taken from your bank account and applied to your online account, with the service acting as a discrete middle-man for the transaction.

Getting a Click2Pay Account

In order to sign up, customers need to provide information such as name, address, social security number, and bank account information. While this might seem like a lot of information, it’s intended to make sure the applicant has a good credit history. And since Click2Pay transfers money directly from your bank account or credit card, handing over this data is a necessary evil.

Once the information has been provided, the company runs a thorough check on your credit history. If your information is lacking or less than ideal, then your application is rejected. Otherwise, you’ll be accepted and can start using Click2Pay to fund your online casino account. This entire process takes several days to complete.

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Each customer receives a star rating, which determines how much money they can spend within a period of seven days. Your rating increases over time based on the number of transactions you make. If you happen to have a small fortune in your bank account, it’s also possible to contact their customer service department and have the initial limit raised.

Casino transactions are simple once you’ve been approved. Just visit the casino’s cashier, select deposit or withdrawal, and enter the desired amount of money. Putting funds into a casino account takes place instantly, as the money is just shifted from one account to another. Withdrawals take a bit longer, with the average time ranging from one to six days.

Advantages of Click2Pay

Why have so many people flocked to Click2Pay in the past? Here are a few of the more compelling reasons:

They use a 128-bit encryption code to carry out their transaction, which means every deposit or withdrawal is conducted with the upmost concern for security. Transactions take place on a SSL-secure connection, and their series of connected servers ensure that service won’t be interrupted.

The service is simple to use, only requiring the customer to point and click.

Online deposits arrive in your casino account instantly. While withdrawals take longer, they are visible on your Click2Pay account screen as soon as the cashout request has been processed.

They have a growing reputation for quality, as their services are used throughout Asian, North America, and Europe.

Multiple currencies and languages are supported.

After the approval process has been completed, players can immediately begin using the service to fund their casino account.

The recipient never receives information about the person making a deposit, so you can be assured of total anonymity.

While personal information is required to open a free account, this date is only required once.

The company also offers a Click2Pay debit card that’s branded through Visa. If you opt to get one of these, it can be used at virtual and land-based merchants across the globe.

Disadvantages of Click2Pay

If you’re unsure of whether or not this service is right for you, the following drawbacks may be enough to make you reconsider:

A surprising number of casinos do not accept Click2Pay.

The initial process to become a customer is time consuming and requires the applicant to disclose a number of personal details. You must also have contact with a real-life customer representative to start the process, which is something that a lot of online users won’t find convenient.

A number of countries are not supported by Click2Pay, and this currently includes the United States.

Even if a casino does accept Click2Pay as a deposit option, they may not allow withdrawals to be made with the service.

The support numbers offered are not toll-free, which means you’ll have to pay for the privilege of talking to a service rep over the phone.

Beginning customers have a low star rating, and this limits the amount of deposits they can make. Repeat transactions result in a higher rating, and only then do the limitations start to lessen.

When you attempt to reach the Click2Pay website, you’re instead taken to the site for the parent company, Wire Card AG. This destination offers a lot of corporate talk, but unfortunately tells you nothing about Click2Pay or the services it provides.

Click2Pay performs a credit check on customers who apply for the service. If you’ve done nothing to build a credit rating (like own a credit card), your application is likely to be rejected.