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Discover online casinos are supposed to be virtual gaming sites that accept the Discover credit card as a method of deposit or withdrawal. Unfortunately, these casinos do not exist in the US except for New Jersey licensed casinos, as the company has a strict policy in place prohibiting gaming providers from using their product.

Sure, you might have to find another way to fund your online gambling career, but that’s no reason to stop reading. I’m going to discuss some of the more interesting features available from Discover, which should prove helpful to both longtime members and those considering signing up. We’ll also examine the reasons why Discover refuses to involve itself with online gambling in the US.

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Types of Discover Cards

There are three types of cards available from Discover. These include the following:

  • Cash Back – This is the company’s signature card, and the main selling point is that it offers money back on purchases. A 1% cash back amount is available for all transactions, and 5% is rewarded for rotating categories each quarter. There’s no annual fee to be a member, no late fee on your first delinquent payment, and foreign transactions carry no additional cost.
  • Miles – This travel credit card gives you 1.5 free miles for every dollar spent. The end of your first year as a cardholder delivers double points, and you can get up to $30 back each year on the in-flight purchase of Wi-Fi. As with the main card, there’s no annual fee or foreign transaction cost, and paying late won’t increase your annual percentage rate.
  • Students – Intended for college-age customers, this card gives back 1% on all purchases. Quarterly transactions up to $1000 at gas stations and restaurants give 2% cash back, and this amount never expires. There’s no over limit or annual fee, and you’ll receive a free FICO credit score on your monthly statement. The card is accepted at over 9 million merchants across the United States.

Misleading Websites

You may have reached this article by searching Google or Bing for phrases such as “US online casinos accepting Discover” or “gambling with Discover in the US.” In that case, you likely noticed page after page of results claiming to inform you about sites that accept the card. Considering what we’ve already discussed, how can that be possible?

There are two main possibilities. The first is that these other articles are simply outdated, written at a time when Discover still made their services available to certain online casinos. Even though the information is now incorrect, they owners of this content are hesitant to remove it and lose their valuable search engine ranking.

The other option is that they’re intentionally deceiving readers by throwing up links to random casino sites. There’s also the chance that they have an affiliate deal with these sites, which means they’ll receive money if you click on a casino ad and become a member.

I’ve always found this kind of practice to be unsavory. Not only does it waste the reader’s time, but it also clogs up search engine results with sites that have nothing to do with what the reader is looking for. Honesty is the best policy, which is why I informed you about the Discover card gambling policy in the first sentence of this article.

Discover Card and Online Gambling

In the past, the Discover card was accepted at certain casinos, but a recent search of 30 random gaming providers excluding the New Jersey Licensed casinos in the US found that none of them have the company listed as a method of deposit or withdrawal. This can be attributed to two factors.

First is the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. This American law made it illegal for financial institutions to process transactions for the purposes of online gaming. A large number of casinos and payment providers ignored the legislation at first, but they changed their minds when sites were seized by the Department of Justice and federal agents started arresting company executives at American airports. Once they realized how serious the U.S. government was taking the matter, most quickly fell in line and stopped accepting customers from United States.

The second reason is the general hassle associated with processing funds for online gambling. While the majority of players are content to lose graciously, there are always a few who insist on trying to beat the system.

One of the more common examples involves a player using their credit card to put money into their casino account. Once they’ve lost all their funds, the person then contacts the issuing bank and reports that their card has been stolen.

If the scam works, the player gets their losses refunded and is also issued a new card. Credit providers have become savvy to the tricks of unethical gamblers over the years, but you’d be amazed at how many people still tie up customer service and fraud prevention departments with this sort of nonsense.

By staying out of the online gaming market altogether, Discover can avoid the hassles listed above and concentrate on relatively safe forms of purchase. You’re welcome to cross your fingers and wish for a policy reversal, but I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath, as well.

Casinos Accepting Discover Card

If you do stumble across a casino that accepts US players outside of the New Jersey Licensed ones that accepts the Discover as a way to fund your gaming, I would suggest caution. Since the company has a policy of staying out of the Internet gaming market, there’s a strong chance that the casino you’ve found is illegally accepting payments. And if they’ll do that, then they’re likely to screw you over when it comes time to pay out any winnings. You’re better off leaving the site and looking for someone who accepts Visa, MasterCard, or even American Express.

It’s a shame that Discover US online casinos don’t exist, as I’d love to earn cash back while playing a few slots. That’s not the reality of the situation, however, and I don’t expect the credit giant to reverse their stance at any point in the near future. Fortunately, there are several other credit card companies that do associate with Internet gambling, and they should be able to meet all your needs.