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ecoPayz serves as a payment option open to several jurisdictions, an element that makes it highly attractive to players looking to for a less restrictive option. Those utilizing the ecoAccount can look forward to conveniently receiving, sending, and spending money across the globe. Users will also have the satisfaction of doing so from a single online account. Opening an account is both free and easy to do, and there is no need for a bank account or credit check.

The system uses innovative security and fraud technology, ensuring a secure process when transferring funds. Additionally, payments can be sent or received instantly through your ecoAccount in any of several currencies.

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ecoPayz Deposits FAQ

What is an ecoCard?

An ecoCard serves as a prepaid card, which can be used with your ecoAccount online or in person. It features a MasterCard logo and can be used to make withdrawals almost anywhere in any of three currencies: GBP, Euro, and USD.

How do I apply for an ecoCard?

To apply for an ecoCard, just log in to your account, select ‘ecoCard’ from the menu on the left, click on ‘Apply now,’ and then confirm your details. Then, you will be prompted to read and agree to a set of terms and conditions. Once you have completed these steps, you must then wait 1-2 days for your application to be processed and wait to receive your card and PIN.

How do I reach the Silver level so that my account is eligible for use?

To reach the Silver level, you are required to verify your identity. Two documents are required to do so: a photo ID, and something to verify your address.

How can I deposit funds?

To deposit funds, log in to your ecoPayz account, head to the cashier, and click the ‘ecoPayz’ option. Then, enter or select the desired deposit amount and select, ‘Deposit.’ Following this, you will be redirected to the ecoPayz website. You must then log in to your ecoPayz account, verify your payment details, and confirm the transaction.

How do I add a bank account to withdraw funds to?

There are quite a few steps required to add a bank account, but they are simple enough to complete. First, you’ll need to sign into your account, followed by selecting the ‘Add’ button under the ‘Payment Settings’ tab. Here, you will be asked to provide your bank information: payment option name, beneficiary name, bank account number/IBAN, bank account currency, name of bank, branch address, SWIFT/ABA code, bank code (if applicable), intermediary details (if applicable). Then select ‘Continue’ to proceed.

How do I withdraw from my account?

To withdraw funds from your account, head to, select the ‘Log into your account’ option and enter your username and password to sign in. Select ‘withdraw’ from the left-side menu. Withdrawals may only be completed by wire transfer, and be sure you have added a payment option prior to submitting a withdrawal request. Requests are processed within 3 days.

What is an ecoVirtualcard?

The ecoVirtualcard can be generated for use on your account, and may only be used once. No credit check or bank account detail are required for use.

Are there any fees associated with ecoPayz?

It is free to create an account, and overall, it is mostly free. Fees are, however, charged for things like new card requests, and currency conversions.

The ecoCard & The ecoVirtualcard

ecoPayz offers an option in addition to simple transactions, completed online via your virtual account. The ecoCard can be used to make cash withdrawals, virtually anywhere, thanks to a universal MasterCard logo. It may be used in any of three currencies, including USD, Euro, and GBP. The card also acts as a prepaid card, meaning that you are limited by the balance available in your ecoAccount. It may be easily used to withdraw funds at ATMs, and there is no fee for average, everyday use of the card. Fees are only incurred for things like new card requests, or currency conversions. Daily limits are attached to the card, but they are relatively reasonable, and dependent on tiers, much like in a casino loyalty program. The higher your level, the higher your limits will be. There are five tiers: classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP.

An ecoVirtualcard, on the other hand, acts as a one-use payment card, which works with your ecoAccount so you can make payments by phone or online, without having to divulge any personal or financial information. This particular card is available for immediate purchase and required no credit check or bank account details.

How Do I Use ecoPayz?

To begin using this payment method, users must first complete registration, providing basic details such as name, birthday, email, address and phone number. Of course, the standard procedure requires proof of identity. All players start out at the classic level, with an automatic upgrade to the silver level upon verification. At the silver level, the account is activated to send and receive. Account holders can progress through the levels, based on account activity, and with each level comes added benefits. At the highest tier (VIP), users will have access to higher withdrawal limits, international money transfers free of charge, and conversion fees at a lower cost on e-wallet transactions.