Neosurf Online Casinos

Initially based in France…

about_neosurf …it soon progressed to cover other territories of the European continent, ultimately building up a wide network of an intercontinental customer base.

What has attributed to their success?

With the company’s growth and development supported by hard work, legal transparency and complete dedication to their customers’ satisfaction, Neosurf has managed to attract the attention of numerous online service providing platforms that are in need of deposits as well as withdrawal processors.

Gambling portals and the iGaming industry…

…have been affected by the numerous recent technological advancements that improve their Internet entertainment offering in various ways. Gaming software managed to incorporate new elements into the existing gaming content, while bandwidth improvements allowed for a completely new gaming format – live dealer games.

In a chain of events

neosurf_online_casinos_coverIt consequently resulted in greater player traffic, better revenue reports and overall operations of such online casino platforms. In order to meet demand and better yet, player expectations regarding the level of service, online casinos and other gaming operators have addressed banking as a crucial aspect. In this regard, new and modern payment processors have been included as options, with Neosurf as one of the top inventions.

Neosurf FAQs

1. What is Neosurf?

– Neosurf is an online prepaid card service provided by the company Neosurf Cards SAS that allows players and customers alike to purchase and use it without disclosing any personal information.


2. Is Neosurf available at online casino platforms?

– Neosurf’s presence in the banking section at online casino platforms has increased greatly since its initial appearance, all the more so since legal regulative has been enforced and the entire iGaming market is making efforts towards complete legalization of its operations.

3. Can I claim casino bonuses and promotions if I choose to deposit with Neosurf?

– Players can select Neosurf as their chosen deposit method straight from the Cashier page, and would still be eligible to claim casino bonuses and promotions, provided that there are no bonus terms and conditions referring specifically to the matter of the chosen payment method.

4. Are there any restrictions to the use of Neosurf on online casino platforms?

– The only limitations players may face regarding Neosurf as an online casino payment method is their country, i.e. whether or not they are eligible to use the prepaid card services. Their international network is stably expanding, but there is still much territory to cover.

5. What cash values can Neosurf prepaid cards have?

– If you have a retail location or an authorized retailer in your vicinity – a supermarket, gas station, kiosk – you can buy the card straight from there. With amounts ranging from €10 to €100, there is enough choice to meet the needs of various online casino player profiles.

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About Neosurf

Neosurf Cards SAS is a French-based company, operating on the online payment processing market since its establishment back in 2004. With the advent of the iGaming industry and the rising demand for new and improved payment processors, the company started catering other markets, currently covering the European Economic Area under a fully-fledged registration by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

What is more, its coverage has continued to expand to Australia casino operators, as well as on the African continent. While there are still many major markets such as the USA that are wildly untapped, the service is definitely promising and bound to deliver all the best to their customer base.

How Secure is Personal Data?

With security as its strong suit and guaranteed anonymity of all its customers, Neosurf has definitely met and surpassed player expectations in this regard. Namely, online casino players are constantly concerned with the matter of protecting their private information and credit card details, and the fact that Neosurf prepaid cards do not require any of that in order to fund or use it at casino sites makes it the perfect solution.

Types of Neosurf Cards

neosurf_at_online_casino_sitesAnyone interested in purchasing and using the Neosurf prepaid card is advised to learn more about the actual service beforehand. Making an informed decision about any finance management is always advisable, and knowing the specifics about the Neosurf online prepaid cards is definitely proper bankroll management for any responsible online casino player. These cards come in two basic types – Classic and Minor:

  • The Classic Neosurf prepaid card – This is the basic type of Neosurf prepaid card, found at all retail and reseller locations where it is authorized and eligible. It comes in several different amount variants, starting from €15, through €30 and €50, up to €100 cash credit that can be used for all online purchases.
  • The Minor Neosurf prepaid card – The distinction between the Classic and the Minor Neosurf prepaid card is solely in the amounts at which they are offered. The Minor prepaid card comes with cash credit of €10 or €20, in order to give online gamblers and customers generally the ability to get just the right amount for their intents and purposes.

What About Anonymity?

This online prepaid card is sold just like any other regular one, and will not demand any personal information – you can even buy it in cash and eliminate all relation to your identity, remaining absolutely anonymous.

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This is a major privilege…

…for the world of online gambling in particular, as operators and corresponding authorities, are constantly looking for ways to secure the sphere even more and provide a reliable and trustworthy online gambling environment.

Getting Started

In order to perform payments with this card is the secret, 10-digit PIN code associated with each card. Once you choose the type of Neosurf prepaid card that fits you better and select Neosurf as the payment method of your choice. All that’s left is to enter the specific code for that card, and the amount you wish to transfer.

There are a few features of the card alongside its security certificate which should be taken into account:

  • NeoCash prepaid MasterCard – This Neosurf card type is unique, as it functions basically as a MasterCard, and can be used under the debit card payment method at online casinos and other gambling platforms.Other than that, the Neocash prepaid MasterCard is also recognizable for the fact it can be refilled, either by bank transfer or credit card or directly from the Neosurf prepaid cards. The fact that it functions practically just like any MasterCard is supported by NeoCash’s applicability for both online and offline purchases.
  • MyNeosurf – While the former is, in fact, a separate card type with its own specific features, MyNeosurf is a software application that can be used to purchase Neosurf prepaid card directly through it, and pay for the card using a bank wire transfer, credit card or check.

Neosurf at Online Casino Sites

neosurf casinosOnline casino sites, as already mentioned, are constantly looking to diversify their range of options when it comes to gameplay, protection and payments. While the previous two are addressed by the relevant software developing companies and legal authorities, payment facilitation is left to the specific services.

Most sites tend to include the standard, traditionalized payment options…

…credit and debit cards from the top reputable processors Visa and MasterCard, as well as bank wire transfers. However, recent times have seen this selection widely enriched, with numerous online payment processors offering their method in the line of options.

E-wallets, cryptocurrencies and online payment services complement credit and debit cards in the Cashier section, helping revolutionize this segment of online casino platforms, especially since they are all striving for greater simplicity, speed and reliability. In this particular instance, Neosurf belongs to online payment processors and excels in all three key aspects.

Top Neosurf Online Casino Sites

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Fair Go Casino Casino


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Red Stag Casino Casino


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Limitations and Requirements

The process of using Neosurf for online casino transactions is currently limited to deposits, so players are only able to fund their online gambling account using this safe and reliable method. A mandatory prerequisite is that the player has set up a real money player account with their preferred casino and that the casino operator offers Neosurf as an option.

Afterward, simply access the Cashier section and select Neosurf – a pop-up window or a new page will provide players with a designated box for the unique 10-digit PIN code of the card, and another slot intended to input the specific amount deposited onto the player account. Not only is it transparent and secure, the procedure is very straightforward, instant and most importantly, free of charge.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Neosurf at Online Casinos

Neosurf’s popularity at online casinos and other similar gambling platforms are steadily rising in the past few years. More and more players have recognized its potential to provide a seamless gaming experience. This is so due to the fact that Neosurf offers players precisely what they need from an online payment service, all through a plastic prepaid card.

Starting off with the advantages:

Emphasis must be further placed on the service’s regard to security. Its concept and basic operations are construed in such a way to ensure that players are not obliged to share any personal information or private financial details. The service aims to meet industry standards and regardless of their concept, additionally employs 128-bit encryption.

Other advantages…

of the deposit method at online casinos is its speed – instant transactions are guaranteed, with the cash credited from the prepaid card straight onto the player account. Moreover, this service boasts one other benevolent feature – it is free of charge. Players and Neosurf users, in general, can use all their regular payment processing services, completely free.

Are there fees?

While the processor itself may not charge a fee some online casino operators could easily impose a commission for the transaction. At other times, there may be a specific fee set by the Neosurf company in the future. Namely, the payment processor, in their Terms and Conditions, has explicitly specified that it retains the right to impose a specific fee for its services at any time.

Other than that, a linguistic barrier used to act as a disadvantage once, but Neosurf has made an effort and resolved it rather thoroughly. Their official corporate website, containing all the key information about the service used to be available in French only.


…this former setback serves to show the company’s proactiveness in resolving any issues, as the site is currently made available in English, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese and more than half a dozen other translated and adapted versions.

Country restrictions are also identified as a drawback for the service and its users. The company has expanded greatly over the past few years, with an intercontinental customer base and the potential to grow even more.

Nevertheless, barriers like the one to the USA and similar markets prevent it from reaching a global status required to launch the company straight to the top.

Final Analysis

final_analysisGambling platforms have always benefited from additions to the variety of their game offering, banking methods and security certificates and precautionary measures, which is why Neosurf has been just as warmly welcomed.

With a growing number of Cashier sections featuring the service as an option for their payment requests, players are all the more inclined to get into the mechanics of the service and use it to their best interest.

All in all

The Neosurf prepaid card is a simple, straightforward online payment processing method that allows players at casino websites to perform deposits instantly and without any charges involved.

Withdrawal availability is practically the only thing lacking so far…

…but considering the massive progress this French company has managed to achieve, it shouldn’t be long before this inconvenience is solved.

Players from the eligible countries such as Australia, France, Belgium, Switzerland and many others, are prompted to make use of the payment method and benefit from its range of features – this guide should be more than enough insight to put their Neosurf prepaid cards to proper use.