Visa Online Casinos for Real Money

New Visa online casinos spring up each year, and this brand remains the most popular and among players who fund gaming accounts with a credit card and most popular deposit method to be accepted by casinos. In business since 1976, Visa has continued to offer quality deposit options to gamblers in all corners of the globe. The most notable exception is the United States, where a 2006 federal law stopped financial institutions from accepting this kind of transaction.

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Visa Card Deposits FAQ

Is it legal to use my Visa card to make an online casino deposit?

In parts of the world where online gambling is legal, it is most likely legal to use a Visa-branded product to make a deposit to a casino. One market where this isn’t really the case is the United States. Though the UIGEA doesn’t make online gambling illegal, it does prohibit financial institutions from doing business with American customers Check your local laws for more details.

Is it safe to use my Visa card to make an online casino deposit?

Provided you are doing business with a legitimate online casino, you can depend on the long history of Visa as a financial institution for safety. They’ve been in the credit and debit card game for longer than almost any of their competition, and they have safeguards in place to prevent fraud and identity theft.

How much does it cost to make a Visa card online casino deposit?

The actual cost of making a deposit to your chosen online casino with a Visa-branded credit or debit card varies. You should contact the casino directly if you have specific questions about the cost of making such a deposit.

Visa Card Selection

Each year, more than 60 billion transactions take place using various types of Visa cards. The majority of these can be used to fund your online gambling career, so let’s take a look at the leading options:

Credit Cards – This is the standard form of payment for most folks in the civilized world. Once your account information has been recorded, the amount of the purchase is added to your next statement. Of course, failure to pay the entire amount leads to penalties being tacked on, and this practice has resulted in financial ruin for an unfortunate number of customers.

Debit Cards – This type of card takes money straight from your bank account, so I suggest being careful when using it for online gaming. Please exercise caution if you’re an emotional gambler, as you run the risk of overdrawing your account and winding up broke.

Business – More money can be charged to this exclusive credit card, and members also receive additional perks. The average person may not be able to afford it, but you can expect plenty of whales to be carrying one around.

Prepaid – These cards can be loaded with money, and the customer is able to use it until the balance has been depleted. Once that happens, more money can be placed on the card and the cycle continued. This provides a safe option for the cautious gambler, as depleting the balance provides a natural stopping point for any gaming session.

Reasons to Use Visa

Most of the selling points of Visa should be obvious. However, for those individuals who don’t do a lot of independent thinking, this list should tell everything you need to know.

Popularity – Each year, the transactions handled by Visa are nearly triple that of the next closest competitor. When a brand is that popular, you can be confident that they’re doing everything right.

Widely Accepted at Casinos – Since Visa is one of the most recognized brands on the planet, it’s unusual to find a casino that doesn’t accept it. This is convenient for players who hold accounts at multiple gaming sites.

Quality Service – I’ve had a Visa card for two decades, and I’ve always been pleased with their service. I’ve had bogus charges made a few times, and they’ve always been easy to deal with when it comes to removing the charges from my statement and sending me a new card. That’s the kind of service that creates loyal customers.

Revolving Debt – While this term isn’t usually associated with something positive, I like the fact that Visa allows me to roll my debt over to the following month. American Express, on the other hand, requires your balance to be paid in pull each time you receive a statement.

Reasons to Avoid Visa

The only reason to avoid Visa as a casino payment option is if you live inside the United States. Due to the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, financial institutions are prohibited from processing transactions of American citizens for the purposes of online gambling. And since the company doesn’t want to raise the ire of the Justice Department, they’ve been left with no choice but to comply.

Some U.S. states have passed laws allowing regulated Internet gambling as long as (a) the player is within the boundaries of the state, and (b) the casino has been properly licensed. Even in these situations, major financial institutions have often been hesitant to accept gaming transactions, as they’re still concerned with becoming the target of a federal investigation. This has resulted in licensed gaming within Nevada and New Jersey bringing in revenue far below initial estimates, although this situation is expected to improve over time.

Visa is one of the premier options when it comes to making a purchase on credit or funding your online gaming. The list of Visa online casinos grows every time that a new virtual gaming establishment opens for business, as they offer fast service and reliable transactions. If you can only choose one credit card to use for Internet gambling, my choice should be clear by now.