Detroit MotorCity Dealer, 6 Players caught Cheating

Detroit MotorCity Dealer, 6 Players caught Cheating

A major cheating scandal has been discovered at Detroit’s MotorCity casino, where a poker dealer and 6 players stole thousands of dollars.

Darryl Green, 53, the dealer in question, made payouts to losing poker players that allowed them to walk away with a small fortune. Green also helped the group save money by not collecting chips on losing hands.

According to Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, the casino began to suspect foul play and asked the Michigan State Police to start investigating the matter. The police were then able to discover the cheating plot and identify the six players who were conspiring with Green.

According to the Detroit Free Press, three of the players are from Detroit while the other three are from Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield and Melvindale. Here’s a look at the suspects:

– Eugene Davis Jr., Earl Leonard Railey, and Calvin Lawrence Pullom of Detroit.
– Roxanna Dee McKinney of Farmington Hills.
– Leah Katrelle Smith of Melvindale.
– Hayword Milton Stampley of West Bloomfield.

Each of the defendants faces one count of conspiracy to cheat at a gambling game (5-year felony), one count of gambling activities (10-year felony), one count of conspiracy to commit larceny in a building (4-year felony) and one count of larceny in a building (4-year felony).

Railey and McKinney are habitual offenders who are still wanted by the state police while the other five charged have turned themselves in and have been arraigned. The five arraigned defendants will appear in court on March 1 for a preliminary hearing.

The last major casino cheating scandal that occurred in the United States happened in the state just south of Michigan in Ohio.

A Horseshoe Cincinnati employee was caught stacking a baccarat deck for his cohorts, who would then be signaled to the table and make huge bets. Andrew Grzelewski, a table games supervisor, his mother and two other conspirators made off with over $25,000 before the scam was discovered.

Around the same time, Gemini Isham, a craps dealer at the Horseshoe, was also busted for cheating. Isham was caught adding chips to an accomplice’s stack after winning bets. The pair performed this scam over 150 times and netted $96,000 before they were caught.

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