Disney Keeps Fighting Against Gambling in Florida

Disney Keeps Fighting Against Gambling in Florida

‘The factory of dreams’ may be the factory of nightmares as far as those hoping for gambling expansion in Florida are concerned. The Disney corporation is doing their all to put a stop to the expansion of gambling forms in this Atlantic-coast state and that also means investing money – a lot of money, actually: Disney Worldwide Services Inc. has invested more than $100,000 in March in order to support the amendment that could prevent the gambling expansion. So far, the company has donated the staggering amount of $4.655 million for this purpose!

Throughout the years, Disney was proactively working on diminishing the effects of gambling, and all sorts of gambling in general for that matter, within all of their brands – they are one of the few companies who have no casino on their cruise ships.

Disney made the financial contribution of this magnitude to the Voters in Charge of the political committee whose main objective is to make it more difficult for gambling expansion to take place in Florida. The total amount of money raised by the Voters in Charge Committee is $6.73 million, which really puts Disney’s donation into perspective and shows just how significant it is. The proposed constitutional change will be presented on November 3rd and if it gets the support of 60% of voters, some amendments to the Florida Constitution will be made which would give residents the exclusive rights to decide and approve anything related to the casino gambling in this state.


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