DraftKings Getting Ready for Sports Betting

DraftKings Getting Ready for Sports Betting

Boston-based company that specializes in the provision of fantasy sports contests, DraftKings, is getting ready to integrate betting on real sports in case New Jersey’s efforts of legalizing these services prove to be successful. The betting group had recently appointed Sean Hurley as Head of Sportsbook, whose main new duty will be to manage all future operations regarding wagering.

The company’s founders, Jason Robins, Paul Liberman and Matt Kalish have said that the newly hired professional will help build, launch and drive the betting platform. Prior to becoming its newest member, Hurley worked as a supervisor of sales and commercial sectors at Amelco – sportsbook supplier from London with an admirable number of B2B and B2C partner companies.

According to Kalish, the company will derive multiple benefits from Hurley’s extensive gaming experience and potential, pushing DraftKings even further on the market. Rumor has it that the group will also open an office in Hoboken (NJ), where the appeal against constitutional frameworks actually began. The newly appointed director of sports will be working from this office, focusing primarily on a new line of business, added Kalish.

Although established in 2012, DraftKings skyrocketed as a number one site for playing daily fantasy sports for cash prizes. Thanks to New Jersey’s efforts and regulated legislatory groundwork, the company could easily gain a significant advantage over its competitors and even become one of the top-ranked sites for sports betting in the US – provided the Supreme Court hands a win to the state.

Other states have also started their own campaigns related to sports wagering, including Iowa, Delaware, Massachusetts and South Dakota, which recently voted against the expansion of the casino industry