Driverless BMW’s to Transport Punters in Las Vegas

Driverless BMW’s to Transport Punters in Las Vegas

As if Las Vegas wasn’t lavish and abundantly convenient already, there’s a new service looming that visitors to Sin City will be able to acquire and use to their heart’s content.

The car service company, Lyft, has just done a deal according to which they will be supplying 30 BMW vehicles to Las Vegas, that visitors and casino-goers will be able to use to go from casino to casino during their stay. Here’s the X factor to make it all the more interesting: the cars will all be self-driving!

Driverless vehicles will be of the BMW 5-series variety (for those unfamiliar with the automotive scene – that’s quite a good car, to say the least!). The cars will be at punters’ service for driving down the Las Vegas Strip and into Downtown and delivered to the gambling haven in July or August at latest.

Passengers will just need to enter the car and it will automatically take them to their destination within the city, all for free and all with the lack of a real, live and breathing driver at the front. Automated driving specialist, Aptiv, has also assisted with this project and they are making sure passengers’ ride will always be safe.

Aptic’s CTO Glen de Vos says of this project: “This is an important next step for Aptiv on our path to commercialization for Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD) in a thoughtful, prudent and safe manner. Safety remains our No. 1 priority, and we are going to deploy this fleet slowly and safely, gathering data and insights as we go. Each car will have operators who have been extensively trained, both on and off the road. At Aptiv, our goal is to make a safer, greener and more connected future a reality – and this gets us one step closer.”


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