Dutch Gambling Regulator Proposes New Set of Guidelines

The Dutch regulatory body and gambling authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), recently issued a consultation with the intention to gather the overall opinion from the industry and other stakeholders…

…regarding new player protection measures in the Netherlands’ newly-regulated iGaming market.

The Remote Gaming Act

Just last month, the state Senate of the Netherlands held a meeting in which they voted on a Remote Gambling Bill. Finally, the bill got its approval, so it is expected that the online gambling licenses will start being issued somewhere during the middle of 2020.

Although the new regulations highlight that all licensed operators must have a “duty of care to gamblers,“ it is still not sure what it actually implies. That is why KSA had to issue a new set of guidelines.

These newly-proposed rules will have to first be reviewed by the industry and the public, so when KSA gets their feedback, they will publish the official version of it…

…and the consultation will be active until April 22 of this year.

New Gambling Guidelines

First, KSA states that gamblers must be able to have a choice not only if they want to place bets, but also to decide which operator they would like to bet with.

So, the licenses should contain an explanation for each new customer about how the games of chance function, the terms and conditions and also the statics about the chances of winning.

All potential bettors must also be able to understand from the very beginning all possible risks of excessive gambling…

…while also the age restriction should be clearly visible as well.

Operators should also give out information regarding self-exclusion, suspension, setting the betting limit and how to seek help in cases of gambling addiction. Of course, all those guidelines should be easy to understand.

More iGaming Rules

KSA proposes that all operators should offer bettors the option to decide how much they can afford to gamble. So, customers would be able to set deposit limits for a certain period of time. KSA also mentiones the possibility of introducing an app…

…that would help operators monitor players.

Also, each player should have to verify his age and identity prior to placing bets. Operators should be very careful with this as they have to make sure no underage or excluded players get the opportunity to gamble.

Battling the Addiction

All licensed operators should have an addiction prevention policy, where they will elaborate on different approaches when it comes to recreational players, at-risk players and problematic players that gamble excessively.

Operators must monitor the behavior of the players…

…and intervene by advising them to gamble less, to set limits or to temporarily exclude themselves. All license holders also must control the 18-23 age group with extra care.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority proposes that operators work closely with addiction experts, while their staff must go through a certain type of training regarding excessive gambling behavior. Involuntary exclusions should be used as a last option for addictive customers.


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