ELK Studios Launches ELK Compete

ELK Studios Launches ELK Compete

ELK Studios has launched ELK Compete, which is expected to raise slot tournaments to a whole new level. It is an “awesomized way” to engage players who can now all become connected…

and play their favorite games the way they see fit!

Players will have a lot of choices and they will be able to set almost everything according to their own liking. Not only will they be able to take on the individual challenges, but they can also join multiple tournaments.

Once the milestones are reached or the players score big wins and occupy one of the top positions, the celebration will take place on the screen, with some cool visuals. After that, players can show their achievements to the others…

…but more importantly, they will be able to follow their progress in the game and their position on the leaderboard, which is ever-changing.

What are the benefits of ELK Compete?

Everyone will have a chance to set up open competitions but if you don’t want to deal with that, you can always join a competition instead.

In case you want your friends to be included only, there is a possibility to invite players by uploading a list. Not to forget that they can also participate by using the promo codes.

One of the biggest benefits of this feature is multiplayer tournaments. Anyone can be invited to take part in these and people will go against each other…

…making slots much more entertaining

You will be able to set up almost every aspect of the tournament and create it just as you like it. Some of the things you can customize are the following:

  • The game that will be played;
  • The timespan of the tournament;
  • The achievements which need to be unlocked;
  • People who will join;

There’s more

We need to mention individual achievements and that is another, just as important, segment of ELK Compete. With the obstacles in their way, players will be able motivated to reach the milestone and get the reward.

For example, Wild Seas is just one software product where gambling enthusiasts will be able to sink ships, whereas matadors will fall in Wild Toro. These are just some examples, though and you can either…

…set an unlimited number of spins or the fixed one, which might be more challenging, but also more frustrating since not everyone will complete the challenge.

Nothing but Praises

Numerous operators have tested and approved the app already and ELK Studios hopes that it would reach a lot of customers quickly.

Jacqui Gatt, Head of Games at Mr. Green said: “ELK Compete allows us to easily add an additional layer of fun on top of traditional campaign mechanics. The in-game milestones and real-time-leaderboard updates add excitement to the customer experience and offer our players more entertainment for their time spent with Mr. Green.”

Vera John“ELK always offers great games, a big amount of players participate to their competitions. The customers who were playing the game were so excited to enter the leaderboard and to conquer the highest position possible.”

Whether that’s really the case or not is up to players to decide. The truth is that the new feature does make changes in playing online video slots.

Before you decide whether to test out this feature or not, check out the company’s official video:


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