FanDuel applies for UK Gambling License

FanDuel applies for UK Gambling License

While daily fantasy sports (DFS) are facing scrutiny in the United States from lawmakers, some sites are going the legal route in other countries. FanDuel is one of these sites, as they’ve applied for an online gaming license with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, FanDuel has become the second-largest DFS site (behind DraftKings) in the U.S. So it only makes sense that they’re not trying to offer services in the United Kingdom. Here’s an official statement from FanDuel on their attempt to enter the UK:

“This application is a part of the regulatory compliance process to offer fantasy sports in the UK market. Since 2009, FanDuel has been transforming the way fans across the U.S. engage with their favorite sports. As a logical next step in our growth strategy, we will look to the UK to begin providing the fun, challenge and excitement of fantasy sports to fans in international markets.”

While FanDuel has grown tremendously just by operating exclusively in the U.S. and Canada, they have always had an eye towards operating in other parts of the world too.

“There’s huge opportunity internationally,” FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles once said in an interview. “I’d say in 10 years time, maybe only 40 percent of our revenues would come from the U.S.”

If FanDuel is accepted in the UK, they won’t be the only DFS site operating here. DraftKings has already been granted a license by the UKGC, and they planned to launch in the UK by October. However, we’re now in November and DraftKings is still working on their UK launch.

As for what to expect when DraftKings does open in Europe, they applied for both “pool betting” and “gambling software.” The latter indicates that DraftKings may be trying to do more than just offer traditional DFS games. Meanwhile, FanDuel has only applied for a gambling software license, meaning they are very likely to differ from their U.S. and Canadian offerings.

As a whole, the DFS industry is facing an uncertain future in America, where iGaming regulations haven’t been clearly defined in many states. Currently, only Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey offer regulated online gaming markets. And Nevada has made the decision to exclude unregulated DFS sites until they obtain licensing. That said, at least FanDuel and DraftKings will know where they stand in the UK, where iGaming is regulated across the country.