Fantasy Sports creating New Market for Pro Gamblers

When most people think of professional gamblers, they envision a poker pro or blackjack card counter. However, daily fantasy sports have opened up a new and entirely different market for aspiring pro gamblers.

The New York Post recently covered this growing phenomenon by diving into the stories of some very successful daily fantasy sports (DFS) players. For example, there’s Mark Guindi, the 24-year-old Brooklyn man who recently made $12,000 in one day. “It’s the craziest thing,” he told the Post. “I wake up one day, put up a $25 entry fee, and I make $12,000.”

An even more-successful and accomplished DFS player is Tommy Gelati, an East Rutherford, NJ stockbroker who dedicates his weekends to coming up with great fantasy lineups. Gelati sees an obvious comparison between DFS and stock trading. “There’s 100 percent truth that fantasy is the new trading,” he explained, “Instead of day-trading companies, you’re day-trading athletes.”

Despite making $400,000 as a day trader, Gelati also dedicates a significant amount of time to crafting the perfect sports lineups. “I haven’t gone out on a Saturday night in a long time,” he admits, while saying that he’s made over $500,000 in the last two years from DFS alone. The time and dedication that the ‘Wolf of DFS’ puts into the game is one reason why he’s been able to afford luxuries that the average person can’t, like a $90,000 Jaguar XFR.

Gelati and Guindi represent jut a fraction of those across the United States and Canada who are trying to make a living through DFS, which sees players draft lineups of professional athletes to compete against each other. The “daily” part comes in because, unlike season-long leagues, where people draft a team for an entire season, DSF only sees players draft a single-day lineup. This helps professionals get in more volume and increase their edge over less-skilled opponents. And seeing as how this is a player-vs-player format, with sites taking out a small rake fee, it allows good fantasy owners to make long-term profits.

And one can expect more pro DFS players in the future because the activity is totally legal in Canada and the US. Regarding the latter, the legality stems from the fact that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) – a 2006 bill that essentially makes all other forms of online gambling a grey area, due to US banks not being able to accept iGaming transactions (except in three states) – excludes daily fantasy sports.

Of course, this isn’t to say that people can’t still enjoy online casino games throughout the US. But users appreciate the fact that they don’t have to jump through any extra hoops to do so with DFS.