GamCare To Update Safer Gambling Standards

The counselling agency for treatment and prevention of problem gambling from the United Kingdom, GamCare, has announced a series of brand-new standards for recognizing operators who go beyond social responsibility across their platforms.

As reported, the UK’s leading provider of information, advice and free support services, will introduce Safer Gambling Standards at this year’s ICE London, which takes place at ExCeL from February 5th to 7th.

Meeting The Codes of Practice

Expanding the organization’s Codes of Practice will be based on twelve sets of principles for social responsibility including online, land-based and B2B services. The platform has chosen to unveil its updated policy during the world’s largest iGaming event due to several reasons. Mike Kenward, development director explains why:

“ICE London is the heart of the industry and THE place where the conversation around consumer protection and customer welfare should be happening. We will be announcing the full rollout of our new standard in the Consumer Protection Zone where operators should be heading in order to focus on protecting their customers and sustaining their business.”

Kenward also highlighted another important aspect of Safer Gambling Standards, and it refers to player protection – customers often leave if the operator doesn’t provide enough safety measures

That being said, embracing the new guidelines is both ethically and morally significant, especially from a business standpoint, as more and more markets continue to raise not only the quality of standards but the awareness for responsible gaming as well.

The director reveals further details

“We will have already successfully trialed it with several operators before ICE London, but we want to do an official launch from the Consumer Protection Zone to talk people through the purpose of the standard, why they should get on board with it and what we ultimately believe it will mean to consumers.

ICE London is without question the right place to launch this game-changing new standard and we’re looking forward to highlighting the operators who have already seen the positive effect when we present this in February.”

Integral Part of Company Culture

In order to be effective and far-reaching, the soon-to-be-introduced standards must be interwoven into the organizational structure. GamCare has designed its review policies in such way, that digital procedures and interactions cover both corporate governance and customers… for these measures to be widely accepted, it is important to integrate them into the company’s business culture.

Kenward also said that even the board members and directors should adopt the new standards, as many years of experience in the sector, as well as broad industry research have shown in multiple cases.

To summarize, Kenward comments:

“To support the new standard, we’re emphasising the significance of delivering comprehensive gambling related training to individuals and organisations.

We’re looking forward to talking to operators about our training programmes and how any money we generate via the sale of training and the Safer Gambling Standard is used to support our charity and pay back into a cause which is hugely relevant to the industry.”

GamCare is classified as a charitable organization and it was founded in 1997.


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