Get Acquainted With No-Deposit Bonuses

The evolution of no deposit bonuses (NDBs) has made online casinos so popular, that even occasional gambling enthusiasts fail to resist their tempting nature and become attracted to them. Their sole purpose is to motivate the players to start wagering and sense the taste of the action, as many of them decide to remain regular customers for quite a long time. The bonuses are casinos’ secret weapon so to speak, as they generate both new members and valuable income, but on the other hand, deliberately offer to players to keep their winnings and not deposit any cash at all! We all agree that winning vast amounts of money without taking any risk is hard to resist, yet, in some cases, casinos reserve the right not to cash out the winnings until players have made a decent deposit – which takes us to a necessary step in getting acquainted with any online offering: going through its terms and conditions.

Utilizing NDBs is not as easy as it sounds, since many sites usually offer a fruitful first or second deposit bonus – as you can guess, once the bonus is claimed, players are no longer considered new. By looking at the casino’s promotional offer and its policy, players can get better insights whether these bonuses can be combined and used one after another. No casino is giving away their money so easily and it is important not to lose sight who is making the rules and what is really behind complimentary freebies.

There are a couple of guidelines to follow when it comes to NDBs and each site promotes its distinct principles, which of course can be summed up in a few points. Firstly, each casino sets its own maximum withdrawal limit that can be cashed out after using the NDB. Basically, it is a very symbolic amount and it almost never exceeds $50. Hardly anyone manages to get their winnings equal to the payout, so don’t get any illusions.

Furthermore, players who opt for the NDB will not be given a chance to grab the casino’s welcome bonus, which usually outshines everything else. Finally, players get pretty surprised and undoubtedly irritated when they learn that no-deposit bonuses sometimes require a “small” deposit in order to be withdrawn with its humble winnings. This might seem a bit unfair, but from the casino’s point of view, NDBs represent more than a generous way to win money, as there are no strings attached between the two parties whatsoever. Like many tantalizing casino offers, these are a no exception, as most of them refer to online slots and usually have lower wagering requirements.

In order to camouflage their not-so-impressive welcome offer, some casinos might even disguise no deposit bonuses as free spins or tickets, which can be used on a designated slot or in a certain bingo room. Both replacements will only allow a maximum amount of winnings to be withdrawn, deposits included. Many even feature regular free tournaments whose winnings can be cashed out as NDBs, providing all further requirements are met.

The simplest ways to make the best of no deposit bonuses is to claim them while they’re hot. What this means is that not all the casinos will be thrilled with low-budget players nor the idea of giving their cash to strangers who decided to try their luck and get away with it. Inexperienced players who want to have a quick insight at the casino will find these beauties worthwhile, but the gambling industry is tough and it consumes players before they know it. It is important to always stay alert and bear in mind, that playthrough policies are never on your side and that reaching withdrawal requirements or keeping the bonus funds at bay might, after all, take a while.


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