GVC Launches Improved Italian Bingo Platform

GVC Holdings PLC, which recently made changes to its senior management team, announced the launch of a completely redesigned Italian bingo platform that is named Bingo 3.0.

This brand-new platform is designed that way to completely meet the expectations of the company’s B2C Italian brands, as well as the huge network of 27 B2B partners.

Newly-Regulated Italian Bingo

The revamped platform is totally in tune with the new regulations regarding Italian online bingo…

…and is also more advanced when it comes to software and overall graphics quality.

Also, Italian players will get the opportunity to enjoy new games and variants, like Italia 30, a quick-play 30 ball game and Zaffiro75, which offers 1, 2, 3, and 4-line prizes.

GVC also revealed that the Italian operator, Lottomatica, has now joined the Group’s bingo network. So, from now on, customers of Lottomatica will be able to enjoy a new offer of the products…

…while the liquidity that will be additionally brought with Lottomatica’s base of players, will seal the position of GVC as the number one bingo network in the Italian market.

A Word from GVC’s CEO:

“We are excited to unveil our new Italian bingo platform which we believe is now the best in the market. We are confident our customer’s will love the new games and player experience, while the technical capabilities of the platform means that we are ideally positioned to adapt to any new technical requirements,” GVC’s Chief Operating Officer, Shay Segev commented on the official announcement.

Bwin Italia Managing Director Satisfied

“The fact that Lottomatica have joined our network is a huge vote of confidence in the new platform and extends position as the number one bingo operator in Italy,” Moreno Marasco, bwin Italia’s Managing Director, said.

The Share Price Fall

GVC is currently in the spotlight because the company is going through a double-digit fall in share price

…and both CEO, Kenny Alexander and Chairman Lee Feldman, sold off the bulk of their stakes that they hold in GVC.

Alexander sold 2.06m shares at a discounted price of £6.66 per share. That way, he earned £13.7 million and was left with ownership over 666,666 shares in GVC.

Feldman, on the other hand, sold 900k share at the same price. By selling his shares, he earned £6 million and was left with 287,408 shares in the company.

“We have both held large personal shareholdings in GVC for a long time and continue to do so. Both of us remain fully committed to GVC and, whilst I continue to have the support of our shareholders, I’m here for the long term and at the very least I have a current plan that will take 3 plus years to accomplish,” Alexander commented.

“We reported excellent results earlier this week and we both remain convinced of the exciting prospects for the business. Therefore, while we continue at GVC we will not reduce our holdings below the current levels,” Alexander added.


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