Haunted House: Just in Time For Halloween

Haunted House: Just in Time For Halloween

An abundance of Halloween-related goodies keep pouring in by the hour as the gambling industry’s key names rush in for last-minute additions to this popular holiday. One of the latest comes in the form of a spooky slot game, produced and delivered by Magnet Gaming.

It is titled Haunted House and is a beautifully crafted simplistic game with 3 reels and two progressive jackpots. Its design resembles one of the installments from the popular Monkey Island series and will surely be loved by many. A full moon-lit misty night illuminates the surrounding with hues of dark blue and gray, only making the gorgeously animated central slot machine and its symbols stand out in a more striking manner. Occasional lightning, door creaking and discrete horror music provide a great soundtrack to enhance the authenticity of the game’s feel.

Game’s bonuses include a mini game where you need to search for keys in Spooky Rooms (this will transport you into a lovely, but decrepit Victorian house and stroll through its abandoned rooms where you need to choose between objects to gain different prizes – also, you might be visited by a ghost!).

Magnet Gaming’s Head of Game Licensing, Thomas Nielsen, comments: “It’s important for us to offer the newest and freshest slots on the market – and Haunted House is a great example. It may look a scary proposition, but we are sure players will be lured to this spooky slot in the search for progressive jackpots and bonus rounds.”

Complex and extremely fun, this game is a fantastic guide for slot developers in what terms they should be contemplating their future projects. With so many cool mini games, features and bonuses, Haunted House feels like much, much more than just a slot game – it’s a complete, immersive experience and we urge you not to miss it this Halloween season, or ever!