IGT Unveils 4D Version of Wheel of Fortune in Las Vegas

IGT Unveils 4D Version of Wheel of Fortune in Las Vegas

International Game Technology (IGT), a reputable multinational gaming company based in Nevada, has launched a new, 4D slot version…

…of a popular American TV game show Wheel of Fortune.

Big Debut

The new edition of Wheel of Fortune slot will be having its debut in Las Vegas and the game will provide the player with a completely out of this world gaming experience.

The advanced 4D version of the game combines gesture recognition and mid-air haptic technologies. Those innovations make this slot a completely unique technological innovation in the world of land-based gambling.

New Technology

IGT introduced a modern gesture recognition technology that allows players to interact with and manipulate 3D objects in the game…

…and all that without even having to wear 3D glasses!

A previously mentioned mid-air haptic technology gives the opportunity for each player to feel palpable feedback from the game and to interact with it by just using their natural hand motion.

Epochal Innovations

The 4D version of The Wheel of Fortune slot game is considered to be a WAP (Wide Area Progressive) game eligible for the jackpot. It is residing in an all-new IGT’s CrystalCurve TRUE 4D gaming machine.

Of course, the developers decided to include the iconic elements of the Wheel of Fortune game in the 4D version of the slot. The millionaire-making “Wheel Bonus” is included and accompanied by the original game elements…

…like a signature “Wheel of fortune” chant and a voice of famous American television personality and film actress, Vanna White, that has been a hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982.

Ultra HD

The Wheel of Fortune 4D is projected over ultra-HD curved displays that are 50-inches wide. The upper display consists of up to six banked cabinets put together in order to create one consolidated graphic of the signature game wheel.

The interesting feature of the slot is that when the player whose wager initiated the bonus can spin the wheel…

…and all players sitting at the Wheel of Fortune 4D can enjoy the experience together.

What’s New at IGT

Supplying a multitude of casino and lottery operators in the United States is what International Game Technology (IGT) is most famous for…

…and now they have signed a new deal with DraftKings.

This Boston-based daily fantasy sports contest provider has recently launched a retail sportsbook in the state of Mississippi and the actual sportsbook will operate on IGT’s distinguished PlayShot platform.

New Beginnings:

Also, there were some changes in IGT’s board structure. It was confirmed that Lorenzo Pellicioli is the new Chairperson of the Board, while James McCann, a former IGT director, has now occupied Mr. Pelicoli’s previous spot as a Vice Chairperson.

“I am honored to serve as chairperson for IGT and I look forward to working with the directors and senior management to guide continued success in the future,” he said.

After those shifts in the board structure, IGT also announced the retirement of chairman of global solution Donald R. Sweitzer after spending 20 years in business development and government affairs.

“I am grateful to Marco Sala and the entire IGT family, our customers, and business partners for the extraordinary opportunities and meaningful relationships we have built together throughout the last 20 years,“ Mr. Sweitzer said.

“I can honestly say I have enjoyed coming to work every single day during my time here, and I love the people in this company. It’s now a good time in the business to retire on a positive note, with a spectacular future ahead for IGT,” he added.


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