Instant Play Casinos for Real Money

Instant play casinos are online casinos that make games available for immediate play on a Web browser. The phrase “instant play” refers to the fact that customers don’t have to download or install any software before they have access to the games.

Instant Play Advantages

  • Convenience – You don’t have to wait for a download, take up valuable space on your mobile gadget’s memory, or do anything besides visit a URL in order to play.
  • Abundance – The vast majority of online casinos host instant play titles.
  • Mobile-friendly – If you’re interested in playing blackjack or slots on your smartphone or tablet, instant play casinos are generally also ideal for mobile casino customers.

Top 3 Instant Play Casinos

Top sites ranked by 10 years of experience
Bovada Casino Casino


Exclusive Bonus

100% UP TO


Players Accepted
Vegas Casino Online Casino


Exclusive Bonus

100% UP TO

$ 11000

Players Accepted
Lincoln Casino Casino


100% up to


Players Accepted

Instant Play Drawbacks

  • Quality – Creating titles that are available instantly means limiting their graphics and other features so they’re compatible with a variety of connection speeds, Web browsers, and Web-capable devices.
  • Temptation – While I don’t have a gambling problem, I can imagine that instant play games would be a huge temptation for me if I did. This might sound like a bit of a reach, but imagine if an alcoholic had to sit next to a big frosty mug of beer all day.

How to Play Instant Casino Games

The first step is deciding what device you’ll be using to play. Two basic categories of instant play sites exist: desktop casinos are designed for traditional computers, while mobile casinos are designed for play on smartphones and tablets.

Because instantly-available games have become the norm in the industry, playing instant games means choosing from hundreds of available platforms. I discuss ways to help you pick one of those hundreds of sites at the end of this article; once you pick a site, visiting is a matter of typing the URL into a browser or clicking a link from a Google search.

You’ll be asked to open an account – note that at this early stage you don’t need to make any kind of deposit. All they want is a username, password, and some very basic details. The decision to make a deposit or not is up to you; most instant play sites allow users to test out their software with pretend money.

Though every site is a little different, you’ll want to start by finding the list of available games, usually organized in a series of lists or under tab headings somewhere in the navigation section of the site. Games are usually broken down into categories – slots, video poker, table games, etc.

Instant games are designed for a point-and-click interface; once a game loads, you’ll interact with it using your mouse. Take some time to get familiar with the way the site you’ve chosen is laid out, how the betting system works and the other features of the interface. The best instant play games have a “Help” tab (or something like it) that includes specific game rules, pay tables, and other details.

How to Pick an Instant Play Casino

You can find hundreds, maybe even a thousand, online casinos on the Internet. Even so, a list of even one hundred sites is too long to expect an intelligent comparison from a single person.

So how can you ever pick a place to play instant casino games? I suggest you use a series of “filters,” so to speak, to trim the list down to a more manageable size.

Start by listing only those sites that offer instant play games and are available to residents of your country. In the past, instant play games were less common, but modern Internet gaming sites tend to offer instant play more often than a download client. As for the country restriction filter – depending on where you live, this list might be really long or really short. Americans have access to far fewer instant play casinos than residents of the UK, for example.

Next, cut out any instant play gambling website that appears on a blacklist. I like to check the rogue list at GamesandCasino for this kind of information. Trust me – you don’t have the time or the patience to deal with a rogue gambling site.

You can trim your list again by striking out any casinos that aren’t compatible with your chosen device. The reasoning here should be obvious. If you plan to use a laptop or desktop computer, this step won’t net you that many cuts, but if you plan on being a mobile customer, you’ll probably lose a good number of sites here.

At this point, it’s time to filter your list on your own, using your preferences as the standard. Do you prefer a site with a massive instant play library, or are you more concerned with the variety of blackjack titles or video poker pay tables? Personally, I play at instant play casinos that run NetEnt or BetSoft titles. If a site doesn’t have some of those games sprinkled around their library, I’m simply not interested.

After all of that filtering, you are probably down to a very manageable list of sites to compare. Now’s the time to look at things like bonus offers, deposit and withdrawal times, and site policies.

Instant play casino games have a lot going for them – they’re convenient, they’re abundant, and they make mobile gambling a lot easier. This type of Web-based gambling also has its drawbacks, mainly the reduced quality of the games as a consequence of their being instantly available.

Instant play is pretty much the standard in online casino software these days, so finding it isn’t the problem. Picking a good instant play gambling site is all about knowing what you’re looking for and having the patience to find it.

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