Intralot Extends New Mexico Deal, Prepares Sports Betting Lottery

Intralot Extends New Mexico Deal, Prepares Sports Betting Lottery

One of the biggest global gaming and lottery solutions company, Intralot SA, has signed a two-year extension of a very successful partnership with New Mexico Lottery – with a very interesting spin…

A Hybrid of Sports Betting and Lottery

The decision was made on October 30th by the New Mexico Lottery Board which voted in favor of creating a very special title that will be related to the game of sporting events outcomes.

Simultaneously, the Lottery has agreed to sign a two-year extension deal in regards to the existing online systems they have with Intralot. The collaboration between the two has lasted for almost 11 years…

…which prompts Intralot (who recently signed deals with Yggdrasil and soon after with Croatian lottery) to oblige and come up with the desired product for New Mexico Lottery who is highly appreciative of Intralot’s solutions and whose expertise they value highly.

The release of the new game will make the New Mexico Lottery the first lottery in the US which will authorize the Sports wagering lottery game through their entire retail network, which consists of circa 1,100 retail terminals.

In this game, players will be able to make a selection from a wide menu of sporting events along with their possible outcomes.

The Development of the Holistic Platform

According to the agreement between the two companies, Intralot will be providing the customized cross-channel, holistic Sports Lottery Gaming platform as well as a suite of fully Managed Services that relate to the Sports Lottery game.

Some of these tools include Risk management and Trading services which guarantee the payout of the game. Product and marketing services will also be included, for instance promotions, retention and so on. Finally, Intralot’s team will conduct training sessions for New Mexico’s lottery personnel, software maintenance and other types of support.

New Mexico Lottery’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. David Barden, stated that Lottery reinforced the already strong partnership with vendor Intralot and that he is very happy that he cooperation will last another two years at least…

…He also said that getting approval for the launch of the Sports Lottery game will move the entire lottery industry forward. “We are convinced sports lottery games will provide new and exciting experiences for our players while significantly increasing dollars being transferred to our scholarship fund for student beneficiaries.”

Barden also added: “We are always looking for games that strengthen our Lottery brand by attracting Millennials and other new players. Lottery games of this type are fun to play and will move us in that direction.”

Breaking New Ground

Antonios Kerestaris, Intralot Group CEO, said that the day when the company renewed their partnership with a great client is a special day, but it’s also that for “breaking new ground with a new sports lottery contract which leverages their extensive experience and their latest technology on sports prognostics.”

“I look forward to the new era bringing in all our lottery modernization expertise while extending my sincere thanks the New Mexico Lottery for their trust and continued partnership”.


“Intralot Signs Two-Year Contract Extension Together With the Green Light to be the Provider of the New Mexico Sports Lottery Game”,, November 12, 2018.

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