Karen Hughes steals "Lonely" Boyfriend's Inheritance and Gambles It Away

Karen Hughes steals

In one of the more-reprehensible gambling-related stories of the year, gold-digger Karen Hughes is accused of stealing her “lonely” boyfriend’s inheritance and gambling a large portion of it away.

The British mother-of-two became romantically involved with Malcolm Hibbert, a man who hadn’t had a girlfriend in years. In Hughes’ eyes, one of the most-attractive things about Hibbert is that he’d just inherited £56,000 from his elderly parents. She took control of his bank account early in the relationship and launched into a spending spree that included lavish vacations, online shopping and gambling splurges.

Speaking of the latter, Mirror.co.uk reports that it’s believed Hughes lost £16,462 playing fixed-odds betting terminals over a three-month period. The Mirror also dubs these gaming machines the “crack cocaine of gambling,” which in Hughes’ case appears to be true.

She also set up a number of “staycation” holidays for she and Hibbert, while pocketing £20,000 of the inheritance after setting up the excursions. One more way that Hughes drained her 60-year-old lover’s bank account was by setting up accounts at Argos, Littlewoods and Next, then splashing on expensive cyber shopping trips.

As for Hibbert, he lived with his now-deceased parents his whole life and was admittedly not very good with finances. He only discovered the missing money after going to the bank to inquire about why certain transactions had been blocked, leading to the revelation that he had just £10,000 left of the inheritance.

The delivery driver from Burnley, Lancashire then confronted Hughes about the missing funds, at which point she ended their relationship. Hibbert wisely pressed charges and got the satisfaction of seeing Hughes put in prison for 18 months.

“I was taken for a ride in the cruellest way possible,” said Hibbert. “I had only just lost my mum but Karen suddenly got more involved in my life and was arranging the funeral and everything. She became my rock. I am normally very cautious with money but she wormed her way in and virtually spent the lot.”

When the sentencing was handed down, Stephen Riordan QC scolded Hughes by saying, “But you began plundering his bank account on a regular basis even before the inheritance arrived in his account. He trusted you to look after his affairs for him and you knew perfectly well he was not ever going to check on what you were doing. I have little doubt if it had not been discovered you would have gone on plundering his account until it was empty.”

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