Las Vegas – Now the World’s Clubbing Capital

Las Vegas – Now the World’s Clubbing Capital

For decades, Las Vegas was THE premier destination for gambling. But times have changed, especially with Macau running away with the gambling crown. And Vegas has done a good job of changing with the times because the city’s reinvented itself as a clubbing capital.

They basically had to since the United States was famously hit by a major recession, when the housing bubble burst in 2007. So places like Vegas suffered big-time as Americans cut back on extra frills such as gambling trips. Eventually, tourism did pick back up in Sin City, but there were more people in their 20’s and 30’s visiting the casino capital.

The numbers tell everything because, according to the Nevada Gaming Commission, Vegas visitors spent $6.5 billion on gambling in 2013, and one and a half times more on clubbing, food and drinks. Rather than seeking out the blackjack and roulette tables, tourists are hitting the club scene, where top DJs like Tiesto, Kaskade and Calvin Harris can be found pumping the crowds up on any given weekend. CNBC describes the clubbing culture that’s developed in Vegas with the following:

From multileveled dance halls that occupy tens of thousands of square feet to exclusive VIP spots with $100,000-plus bottles of champagne, the average traveler spends less than a grand per visit but the sky is the limit for what money can buy in Sin City.

Clubgoers wanting to make the grandest entrance of all can spend $5,000, more than five times as much as the $837 total spent by the average visitor, to be carried into one club on a sedan chair and placed in front of a large crowd to then have the DJ personally greet them.

Those looking for ultra extravagance can drop $10,000 on a rare cognac and champagne blend sold at one club. This luxurious cocktail comes served in custom, gold-rimmed glassware, along with sterling silver cuff links and an 18-karat gold, black pearl and diamond necklace on the side.

CNBC also discusses how good Vegas casinos and businesses are with shifting their focus to the most-frequent demographic at the time. These days, people are treating Sin City like an adult-oriented entertainment destination. That said, casino resorts are dumping a lot more into their nightclub operations.

So how long will this trend last? Well, it’s been going on for the past several years. And with more and more regional casinos popping up throughout the United States, Vegas may not switch the focus back to their gambling roots for a very long time.