Legendary Wembley Stadium Bans Gambling Sponsorships

Legendary Wembley Stadium Bans Gambling Sponsorships

If there is one sporting venue that stirs a ridiculous amount of memories and emotions, that would be the iconic Wembley Stadium in London…

…The unofficial home ground of the English soccer team, the grounds where they’ve won their only World Cup title in 1966 – the legendary stadium has been inaugurated in 1923, closed and demolished in 2000 and then rebuilt and reopened at the same spot in 2007.

Name is a Legacy

Ever since, the beautiful object has been the hotspot where numerous sports, concerts and other events are being held. One could freely go on and say that Wembley is synonymous with the English pride in the XX and XXI century…

In an effort to protect its legacy and heritage, the UK government is coming up with a plan to protect its trademark brand from possible future investors that could decide to do whatever they please for profit…

…One potential hazard is that the eventual gambling sponsorship could have the stadium renamed into something unworthy of its legacy. Billionaire, Shahid Khan, who already owns London’s Premiere League football club Fulham among other things, has expressed his interest in buying Wembley on numerous occasions.

Home Protection

Khan offered $769 million for the stadium. The English Football Association (FA) should decide on his bid by the end of the year. The new owner would not, however, be able to sell naming rights for the stadium until at least 2057.

FA also holds a certain strict stance on gambling sponsorships which would not be allowed at Wembley. FA prohibits its coaches, referees and players to bet on football not only in England but anywhere in the world…

…FA’s anti-gambling stance was strengthened after former player, Joey Barton, was found guilty of placing over 1200 wagers between 2006 and 2016 and was handed an 18-month playing ban.


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