Mac Online Casinos for Real Money

Mac online casinos are Web-based gaming sites geared toward owners of Apple gadgets. Traditionally, Mac owners get the short end of the stick when it comes to software. Think of it from a developer’s perspective – fewer people own Macs so it is common sense that less software exists for Mac computers.

So what’s a Macintosh fanboy to do if he wants to play a little blackjack or roulette on the Internet? The good news is – Mac owners have options when it comes to online casino play. Yes, for the most part, Mac owners will have to settle for instant play games. But the shape of the online gambling industry is such that no-download games are becoming the norm.

Top 3 Mac Casino Sites

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Bovada Casino Casino


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Vegas Casino Online Casino


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Lincoln Casino Casino


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If you’re a Mac owner and a gambler, don’t get down about being forced to play instant games. For starters, you have other options, covered below. For another thing, instant play is a very convenient way to play the games you love. Millions of people playing no-download slots and instant play craps can’t be wrong, right?

Mac Online Casinos FAQ

Does traditional casino software work on Macs?

Online casino software comes in two forms – instant-play (no-download) games and games that require a download. Because all that downloadable game software is presented in .exe format, it’s unrecognizable to iOS. No-download games tend to work well on Macs, provided a few conditions are met (see below).

What casino software is compatible with Macs?

In order for casino software to function properly on a Macintosh, two things have to be true. The software has to be compatible with Mac’s Safari browser or the Firefox browser, and the software must run on either Flash or Java.

Technically speaking, no major casino platforms exist today with download software designed specifically to run on Mac OS. That does not mean that these games aren’t available to Mac owners. Read on for more details on how to gain access to a full slate of games of chance and skill online on your Macintosh.

What’s required to play online casino games on my Mac?

First, your Mac should have a recently-updated Web browser (Firefox or Safari). Next, make sure your Mac also has recently-updated versions of both Flash and Java.

There’s another option for Mac owners who want to play online casino games – download and run a Windows emulator. These days, the possibility of dual-booting a Mac to run Windows programs makes just about any PC-exclusive software available to Apple fans.

Do Mac-friendly browser-based games look different?

Yes, but not because they’re running on a Mac. They look and perform differently because these games are played over your Web connection, and not run from a piece of software. That means they have to incorporate simple graphics and effects to avoid lag.

Another way your Mac casino experience may be different – browser-based game libraries tend to be smaller and have a little less variety than full-on download platforms. That means slightly limited choice for Mac owners who play instant titles.

Choosing a Mac-Friendly Casino

With so many instant-play casinos and platforms available these days, selecting one Mac-friendly gaming site to open an account with seems impossible. You can trim the list and make an informed decision following the steps below.

First, decide how you’re going to play. Are you going to be using your iPhone to gamble? Maybe you prefer an Apple laptop? Are you planning on running a Windows emulator or just using Mac OS? The answers to these questions will help you focus on sites that offer features you need.

Search blacklists and gaming forums and strike any rogue services from your list.

Next, get rid of any sites that don’t allow customers from your country of origin. Because of differences in gaming law around the world, not all sites are available to all people.

Now focus only on sites that offer the types of games you want to play. Lots of instant play casinos specialize in one type of game or another. Do you prefer slots or table games? Do you plan on playing head-to-head poker? All these answers will help you zero in on Mac-friendly gaming sites that are a good fit for your business.

Check for Mac-compatibility. If you haven’t already done so, make sure the sites you have still on your list offer games that are compatible with your machine. This might be an easy step, if you’re planning on running a Windows emulator and playing download software or if you’ll be doing all your betting on your iPhone or iPad. Both of those options have tons of compatible services available.

Now that you’ve got a much shorter list of potential sites for your online gambling, you can start to compare them by whatever rubric you prefer. Maybe you are hunting for a gigantic welcome bonus – in that case, you can compare the remainder of your list in terms of the size or attainability of that bonus. Any feature can work to help you filter your list down, provided it’s specific and realistic.

Apple’s re-branding over the past fifteen years has done wonders for the availability and quality of Mac hardware and software. Even so, few casino design companies were interested in releasing Mac OS-specific games. Thankfully for Mac fans, the explosion of interest in instant-play and mobile games make Internet-based betting more accessible for people on any computer or operating system.