Macau Workers Urge Casinos For Pay Increase

Macau Workers Urge Casinos For Pay Increase

Three separate Macau gambling unions and labor groups have sent an official demand asking major casino operators in the city to hike the salaries of some 56,270 gaming industry workers by at least 3% in 2019.

They feel that city’s casino’s staff deserve the paycheck rise since the casinos’ earnings in 2018 can certainly deliver that.

The above-mentioned figure of Macau’s gaming sector employees was valid by the end of second quarter of the year…

…and their average monthly earnings for the month of June was 2.5% year-on-year to $2.952.

Calls for Share of Good Fortune

The world’s largest gambling hub, Macau, has been enjoying some good fortune in recent times…

…Despite gloomy forecasts and a period of ups and downs, the enclave’s gross gaming revenue rose by 8.5% in November and the experts and analysts are adamant that next year would see the new record in tax revenue, estimated to reach $11.28 billion.

The three labor groups – Power of the Macao Gaming Association, Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff’s Association and New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association – have all given their reasoning for the demand as well as proposed the next steps in order for them to be fulfilled.

A pay raise between three and six percent would be needed to “help the staff cope with local inflation,” in words of Eason Ian Ui Chong, Power of the Macao Gaming Association’s vice president.

He says that their workers are still vigilant and hoping for a pay increment. He is adamant that Macau’s economy is now better than it used to be several years ago and that this is crucial for boosting the employees’ morale.

Positive Signs From Government

In mid-November, Macau government proposed a 3.5% increase in salaries which would come into effect in January…

…However, this is yet to be discussed by the Legislative Assembly. Director General of the Macau Gaming Enterprises Staff’s Association, Choi Kam Fu, said that casinos should award 2019 paycheck increases before the year ends – six casino operators in Macau has given pay increments for 2018 (which ranged from 2.5% to 8%) in this year’s Q1.

“We felt that as Macau’s economy is doing fine and the gaming industry here still has quite an optimistic outlook, the [gaming] firms should have the conditions to award their staff a share of their earnings in forms of pay hikes and bonuses,” Choi said.

Joining him in pleas was Cloee Chao, New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association’s head. She stated that her group plans to deliver a petition to all six gaming operators and the government, and added:

“In the last couple of years the casinos have been awarding their dealers a pay hike of 2.5 percent [per year]. I don’t think it really eases that much the inflationary pressure here. For next year we would ask for a pay hike of at least five percent for the gaming workers.”


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