Man Kills Self inside M Resort Casino when Free Buffet Pass is revoked

John Noble, a man who’d received a lifetime free buffet pass at M Resort, killed himself inside of the Henderson, Nevada-based casino two years after having his free pass revoked.

When Noble shot himself at the Henderson resort, firefighters were already in the casino’s parking garage extinguishing flames from his burning vehicle. The garage and Studio B buffet were shut down for hours following the suicide and burning vehicle incidents.

M Resort took away his lifetime of free meals after waitresses complained that Noble was giving them “unwanted attention.” The 53-year-old then filled a box full of complaints against the resort and sent it to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Noble’s last message delivered to the LVRJ claimed that his suicide was due to the buffet ban that was issued in 2013. “Today, I end my life due to the M Resort Spa Casino and its employees,” he said in one of the messages.

In all, the troubled man left behind 270 pages worth of notes and documents, photographs and a two-hour-long DVD that cover Noble’s complaints against M Resort and its employees. In the second-to-last page, entitled “The Curse,” he discuses the harm he wishes upon those who he claims wronged him. Several of the waitresses whom he was giving unwanted attention to and showering with gifts are also included in the pages.

Sadly, Noble’s suicide may have been foreshadowed by his odd behavior months after having his buffet pass taken away. About a month after his mother died and three weeks following his lifetime reward being revoked, he was arrested by police after a woman said he’d been stalking her and threatening to kill himself. Authorities took him to a psychiatric hospital, where he spent three days being evaluated.

Later in 2013, he contacted an LVRJ reporter to discuss his problems with M Resort. However, he was nervous after seeing Metro officers in the coffee shop, at which point he talked more quietly so that they couldn’t hear his conversation. From then on, Noble was obsessed about bashing M Resort employees, berating them on social media, and posting their personal information online – all of which continued up until his suicide.

There were many M Resort employees who witnessed the grisly self-inflicted gunshot wound. Scotty Rutledge, vice president of marketing for M Resort, has offered to provide grief counseling for any M Resort worker who desires it.