Sen. Marco Rubio ripped for supporting Sheldon Adelson’s iGaming Ban

Florida Senator and U.S. Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has come under attack for his unabashed support of Sheldon Adelson’s efforts to ban online gambling.

Campaign for Liberty, a group headed by Republican Congressman Ron Paul, is at the forefront of these attacks, which call into question why Rubio is in full support of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) – a bill that would ban iGaming in all 50 U.S. states.

Adelson is key here because the chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. donated $100 million to Republican candidates in 2012. And he’s expected to at least match that during the 2016 election year. According to the Saint Peters Blog, Adelson is very high on Rubio, telling people that he’s “the future of the Republican Party.”

Aside from questioning the Rubio/Adelson connection, Campaign for Liberty has blasted what RAWA would do to American freedoms. Norm Singleton, Vice-President of Campaign for Liberty and a former Paul staffer, has the following to say about the matter:

“Marco Rubio talks a lot about liberty… But his actions don’t match his words. If Marco Rubio really believes in individual liberty and limited government, than why does he want to let government: Spy on your phone and Internet use without a warrant; force you to carry a National ID card containing sensitive biometric information; and make you subsidize his favorite crony capitalists.”

Singleton adds that the entire RAWA agenda is to further the wishes of a “single billionaire casino mogul,” an obvious reference to Adelson.

Rubio has insisted that he would never take up a private businessman’s battle just to get campaign donations. “People buy into my agenda. I don’t buy into theirs,” Rubio said while on his Presidential campaign trail. “When I run for office, I tell people where I stand. My stands are not influenced by my contributors; I hope my stands influence my contributors.”

Singleton didn’t deny that Rubio could be telling the truth in this matter. However, he did add “whatever the reason, [Rubio] needs to know that supporting the iGaming ban is a losing bet.”

Most political experts don’t see RAWA passing, however, iGaming proponents are taking the threat seriously nonetheless, considering that Adelson is worth over $30 billion and has enough money to keep this fight going.