Massive Fire breaks out at Cosmopolitan Hotel

A huge cloud of black smoke sifted through the Las Vegas skies this weekend as the Cosmopolitan Hotel caught fire on Saturday.

The Clark County Fire Department was quick to respond to the fire, which started at 12:16pm, and they all but extinguished it by 12:47. Here’s a short description of the fire from Clark County FD’s Twitter account:

“Update to 3708 LVBS #fire: Trees and cabanas burned on pool deck. Very little extension to building. One patient transported at this time.”

The good news is that, despite the size of the fire, nobody was burned. However, two people did suffer from smoke inhalation, with one of them going to the hospital afterward.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this fire could have been a lot worse, given the large amount of fake landscaping surrounding the Cosmopolitan’s pool deck, where the fire broke out. The flames could have easily spread from here to the hotel building, where it would have become much more dangerous and difficult to contain. Instead, the fire only briefly reached the building and mostly left burnt cabanas and trees in its wake.

“There’s something serious going on. It’s like igniting,” an eye witness said while filming the fire. “There was a hundred people just running from the hotel.”

At this time, investigators are still working to determine the cause of the fire. However, rumors are circulating that the blaze could have initially been ignited by a cigarette. Specially, somebody from the hotel might have thrown a cigarette down to the fake landscaping below where it caught fire.

Current smoking rules at the Cosmopolitan state that people may not smoke in their hotel rooms. However, they are allowed to step out on their balcony and smoke all they want; this is probably what led to somebody throwing a cigarette down to the artificial trees and bushes below, causing the massive blaze to flare up.

It’s a wonder if, following this incident, Cosmopolitan will put even stricter rules on smoking. Such a move would cut down on certain guests, however, it would also prevent any further problems such as the pool landscaping catching fire. One possible idea would involve a designated outdoor smoking area with containers for used cigarettes.