MGM’s Feldman To Promote Responsible Gambling In Nevada

It seems that problem gambling is counting down the days …

…as a new hero has been elected to save the day!

A long-time executive at MGM Resorts International, Alan Feldman, has become the new chairman of the Advisory Committee on Problem Gambling (ACPG) in the state of Nevada.

Feldman’s Big Plans For an Even Bigger Future

His main focus will be to raise the community’s awareness, by providing quality education, treatments, and research on problems caused by irresponsible gambling.

Having in mind that MGM was recently acknowledged for diversity, it’s no wonder that one of the heads coming from such a healthy working environment…

…has set numerous goals to make the online-gaming universe a better place.

In the words of Carol O’ Hare, an ACPG member and the executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling:

“Mr. Feldman’s willingness to serve in this capacity is another example of the gaming’s industry’s longstanding commitment to working with all stakeholders, to address this important community health issue.”

GameSense To Help Reduce Gambling Disorders

As the newly appointed chairman, Feldman wants to have a systematic approach to the whole thing. By planning to implement services which will deal with problem gambling and its overall impact, he stresses the importance of education as the most significant point.

The purpose of integration of GameSense into the US properties’ organizations is to…

…encourage individuals to embrace behaviors and attitudes which would minimize the risk of disorders related to gambling.

It has been a major issue ever since online casinos started to spread at the speed of light. On the other hand, the rising importance of affiliates and their great effort in dealing with venues which do not act fairly allows the entire problem to head in a more optimistic direction.

Feldman Fight Battles On Multiple Fields

Besides being elected as an ACPG head in Nevada, he’s also a chairman of the board of the National Center for Responsible Gaming. But, this capable figure has more responsible positions where he effortlessly continues to educate the community. He’s been a long-serving member of the advisory board of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.

Gambling Is Only About Fun

Gambling begins losing its meaning the moment people forget that…

…it’s all for the sake of fun.

That’s why Feldman feels extremely honored and proud of rising to (another) position where he will be able to serve for the benefit of the gaming community. Only those who are well-informed will act responsibly and make a reasonable decision while playing…

…and that’s what Feldman has set out to accomplish with this mission.


“MGM’s Feldman takes Nevada problem gambling role”,, March 5, 2019.

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