Michigan to Legalize Online Gambling?

The process of making online gambling legal in the majority of US states involves a long and winding road, with no dramatic changes in sight. However, the tides may turn for the online gambling market in the state of Michigan, according to recent reports.

The legislative support for this move may be on the horizon for Michigan, as the iGaming bill, originally introduced by senator Mike Kowall in March of this year, may be making a comeback to the state’s Legislature for another attempt at passing. The bill proposing the authorization of online casino and online poker activities within the state passed the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee, but it hit a brick-wall when faced with Michigan Legislature.

However, senator Kowall was hard at work on revising this bill, working with his team of lawyers, and it is expected that the amended version will be presented for a second time– so all is not lost for this year’s chances for online gambling to be legalized in the Midwestern state.

The new version of the bill will be referred to the Senate committee this fall. What is known of the revised version of the bill states that iGaming will be legal in the state and that the Michigan Gaming Control Board will be in charge of regulative mechanisms for online gambling. Brick-and-mortar casinos will be allowed to introduce their online services to the iGaming operation. There is also a provision that says that land-based casinos will need to wait a full year before they become eligible for opening their operations under iGaming. The bill consists of inputs from various casino owners and representatives.