Millionaire Sports Bettor explains why DFS Players face Huge Disadvantage

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is definitely the trending gambling activity in America. However, would the average person be so enthused about DFS if they knew the truth about their chances of winning?

As millionaire sports bettor Haralabos Voulgaris explained on ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show”, the average DFS player is facing insurmountable odds when compared to the pros.

Voulgaris, who’s made his fortune by exploiting patterns and using complicated algorithms in sports betting, began his talk with Le Batard by focusing on the recent DraftKings/FanDuel scandal. As reported before, a DraftKings employee inadvertently admitted to having private access to player trends that helped him win a $35,000 payout at FanDuel. But Voulgaris claims that this isn’t really that big of an edge.

“The advantage that he had is not even really that big of an advantage in the NFL,” he said. “The information he was using is basically publicly available on a Thursday. So basically, if you enter a bunch of contests on a Thursday, you can see the ownership of all of the players that you selected and that’s representative of that Thursday for the following Sunday’s NFL.”

Despite the fact that Voulgaris doesn’t think being able to see which players are trending earlier in the NFL week is an advantage, he does believe that DFS amateurs are getting dominated in a completely different way. Here’s a look at what Voulgaris said regarding how players are getting “fleeced.”

“The real issue is, that I think people don’t realize, is the fact that the person who is tuning in and seeing these commercials, and signing up to play in these multi-tournaments, where the winner gets a million dollars, I think if they knew that they were going to enter maybe three, or four, or five entries, but a pro is going to enter 1,000 entries, they wouldn’t think it was that exciting to enter these contests. I think that’s the part where there is some impropriety.

“If the actual casual viewer, watching these commercials and signing up, knew they weren’t competing against other like-minded people like themselves, that they’re competing against professionals who have algorithms and thousands and thousands of entries in all these tournaments, they would realize that their chances of winning are really not that good and it’s really not as exciting as they think it is … the pros are winning all the money and they are also entering all the contests.

“It’s a giant partnership between the pros and the sites, and the unsuspecting customers who are doing this for entertainment are literally getting fleeced.”

DFS has experienced massive growth over the past few years, namely thanks to the fact that it operates unregulated throughout the United States. However, the industry has come under fire in recent weeks, amid reports of the DraftKings/FanDuel scandal. Given what Voulgaris said, it’s doubtful that any average player will be too happy with the long odds they’re facing to win.