Mississippi Officials Divided Over Sports Wagering

Mississippi Officials Divided Over Sports Wagering

Esteemed Mississippi lawmakers and representatives are considering potential authorization of sport games wagering in the state, as two new bills enter the debate in the senate. Legislators’ opinions are divided over the amendment whose language does not prohibit daily sport contests nor betting outcomes of athletic events.

Honorable representative of the state, Roun McNeal, has chiefly composed the House Bill 1113, seeking alteration of the current law that prohibits wagering on the results of any athletic occasion, respectively athletic event. In other words, betting outside the premises of sport events should not be sanctioned nor constrained anymore.

Accordingly, new legislations do not prohibit daily fantasy sport tournaments and competitions, since they have been legalized in March 2017, when another Bill was passed (967).

In the meantime, legislator Becky Currie has advanced House Bill 1154, which suggests a board of trustees that would determine tax arrangements for any gambling establishment or sports-related groups. In accordance with the new Bill, an established committee would have to report its results and suggestions to both the House Committee on Gaming and the Senate Committee on Finance.

Scheduled to launch in 2019, the regular session of the legislature requires a final vote before it commences, meaning that the main senate and Mississippi constitution must be aligned and amended.

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