Play Real Money Mississippi Stud

If you’re looking to play this poker-based game for the first time, you’re in luck, as it is one of the easier variants to learn. In fact, the average player can pick it up in just a few minutes. It serves as a simplified version of Texas Hold’em, with players being dealt two cards. It is highly popular among Mississippi casinos.


This particular variant was originally created in an effort to make seven-card play smoother and offers a setup similar to that of Texas Hold’em. It is also commonly compared to a Let it Ride. The game was developed by SHFL Entertainment and is available for play among most casinos in the U.S. state of the same name and more sporadically throughout other U.S. states, while also being widely accessible online.

How Mississippi Stud is Played

Like Texas Hold’em, the game begins with each player being dealt two cards face down, precluded by an ante bet. The dealer then places three community cards face down on the table, and players must decide to make a 3rd street bet between 1x and 3x the ante or fold. Following this, players are given the task to make a 4th street bet (1x to 3x the ante) or fold. Then, the second community card is turned over, and remaining players can make a 5th street bet (1x to 3x the ante) or fold. Finally, the third community card is turned over, and the five-card hand is paid out, according to a paytable, with the highest win being a Royal Flush (500:1), and the lowest, a pair of Jacks or better (1:1). Pairs of 6’s through 10’s are a push.

Online Play for Real Money

If you’re looking to test your skills online, this poker variant is available at many online casinos, but it’s best to do your research beforehand because it isn’t nearly as commonly found as other variants. It will obviously differ from the game played in land-based facilities, as you are faced with a screen, and a digital dealer, as opposed to a real person. Additionally, other players are represented via icons, and communication among your opponents is often provided via a chat room.

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While Mississippi Stud has a reputation of being easy to play, it helps to utilize a strategy for an increased chance to win. There are a few different ones available, and you’ll have to try them out for yourself to decide which is best suited for you. According to most strategies, the key is to keep the house advantage below 5%. There are a few things to be considered at each step of the game. Prior to seeing the first community card, keep in mind that if a pair is drawn, the odds of receiving a payout are tipped in your favor. At this point, it wouldn’t be a bad decision to make a considerable raise. In the case of drawing an ace, a face card, or a hand with two numbers between 6 and 10, your best bet is to make a more reserved raise. If your hand contains none of the above, it is wise to fold at this point.

Once the first community card has been revealed, you will want to raise more aggressively if you are holding a hand that can push. A low roller wager is more appropriate for the following hands: three cards within the same suit, a pair lower than 6’s, three cards between 6 and 10, two or more face cards or aces, or 2-3 consecutive cards which may possibly form a flush.

Finally, after viewing each of the first two community cards, you will want to bet aggressively once again, if your hand has the potential to pay out or push. With something less likely to win, your best option is to make a smaller bet or fold.

Mississippi Stud Questions and Answers

A rarer find among online and land-based casinos, Mississippi Stud is often referred to as a ‘Let it Ride’ on steroids, having a layout similar to that of Texas Hold’em. The best part about this poker-based variant is that it has a reputation of being easy to master.

Below is a list of common questions and answers to help you become a pro.

  • There are online options dedicated to free play, where players can build up their skills with trial play, before participating for real money. Some sites which offer the game for real money play may also offer an opportunity to try it for free.

  • Yes! It is actually one of the easiest poker variants to learn, with a similar setup to Texas Hold’em, and once you’ve mastered a strategy that works for you, it should be smooth sailing. Numerous tutorials and videos are available online to aid users in learning the ropes as quickly as possible.

  • Hands are paid out according to a paytable, with the highest possible hand being a Royal Flush.

  • Select online casinos offer the game for desktop, mobile, and even live play. In the land-based setting, the game is most common in the state of Mississippi, and for good reason. At least half of Biloxi’s casinos offer the game. It can also be found in other cities, like Vegas.

  • These bets consist of 1-3x the ante, with the 3rd made prior to the first community card being turned over, the 4th made after the first is revealed, and the 5th made after the second is turned over.

  • While this is not the most common game in online or land-based settings, it CAN be found for real money play. For online play, once you’ve found a casino offering the game, start out by selecting your desired banking method and supplying it with funds so that your deposit is ready for use.

  • According to most strategies, the single most important rule during play is to keep the house edge below 5%. See the strategy section above.

  • Of course, you can beat it. Utilize a successful strategy, and do your best to keep the house advantage beneath 5% and you are well on your way to a win. However, there is no fool-proof way to win so that consistency will vary.

  • Sites take serious measures to prevent this from happening, by installing secure safeguards. However, this does not mean it’s not possible. There have been instances where players have been caught cheating in poker-based games, and the casino has caught them and taken the appropriate banning measures.

  • The rules are simple to learn. An ante bet must be made prior to any cards being dealt. Next, the dealer will deal out two cards, face down, followed by three community cards face down. See the rules above to learn how bets are made as each of the community cards are turned over.