iPad Casinos for Real Money

The phrase iPad casino refers to any gambling website that operates mobile games which are compatible with Apple’s iPad tablet.

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Mobile is the new buzz-word in online gambling. Websites and apps offering mobile-capable titles are incredibly popular all over the world. Hundreds of millions of iPad tablets have been sold in the past few years, so the market is flooded with potential customers. That’s one reason why Apple has recently altered their policy toward iPad real money betting services.

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iPad Casino FAQ

1. What is Apple’s current policy related to iPad casinos?

Apple changed their policy toward real-money gambling in 2013. Before summer of that year, all iPad and iPhone casinos were technically against Apple policy, regardless of the legality of gambling online in various parts of the world. Apple’s new approach allows for certain types of real-money gambling, meaning certain conditions have to be met before they’ll “allow” it. That means sites have to maintain and prove proper licensure, they have to disallow use in the parts of the world where the apps are illegal, and the program itself can’t cost anything.

2. Can I gamble on my iPad from the United States?

There is not a clear answer to this question. That’s because on the one hand, it’s easy (and arguably legitimate) for iPad owners in the USA to point their mobile browser to an address hosting instant-play games. However, according to Apple policy, services that operate on their devices aren’t allowed to offer games to American customers. Basically, a loophole exists. If a site offers iPad-compatible games in an instant-play format, there’s nothing stopping them from serving the US market.

3. Is iPad gambling legal?

Again, there’s no one answer to this question. Depending on where in the world you live, the answer may be “Yes” or “No.” Federal, regional, and state laws apply, so if gambling online is illegal where you live, then iPad gambling is not legal.

4. What’s the best iPad-compatible casino?

The sheer number of iPad-capable casino sites that exist make this an impossible question to answer. It takes time to figure out what site is best for your specific needs. To that end, there’s a guide below that will walk you through the simple process of picking a casino that you can access and place real money bets on your iPad.

Choosing an iPad-Friendly Casino

Because the iPad is the most popular single tablet device in the world, it makes sense that online casinos would develop apps and tablet-capable websites. The number of iPad-capable casino services available to you depends mainly on where in the world you live.

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Some sites that have developed iPad-specific services are not available in the United States. This has to do with Apple’s policy towards real-money betting for American customers. It goes back to US federal law, specifically the UIGEA bill which prohibits financial institutions from doing business with US customers. The end-result is very few iPad gaming options for Americans.

If you live outside of the US, your choice in terms of where to do your iPad gambling is almost unlimited. Since some American customers can access instant-play mobile sites on their iPads, they have a ton of choices as well.

How do you pick one out of hundreds of iPad-capable casinos?

The first step is to put together a list of every iPad-compatible gaming site and app available to you. This will probably be a pretty massive list.

The second step is to reduce the number of sites on that list by cutting any site that appears on a casino blacklist or rogue list. There is no dearth of casino reviews and conversations on message boards regarding online casinos. Any site on your list that’s been blacklisted as a rogue site is an automatic cut.

The third step is to trim the list even more by cutting any service that doesn’t offer the games you like. The more specific about your desires here, the better. It’s a fact that most betting sites specialize in a type or category of game, such as slots or table games. Other sites may use a software platform that you don’t like. By cutting any site that doesn’t have games you like, you’ll trim your list down to a totally-manageable size.

The final step is not as simple – pick one site whose services you like so much that you don’t mind spending extra time investigating them. When it’s time to investigate a site, look at details like bonuses, terms and conditions, licensing, and deposit/withdrawal methods. Don’t pick a site unless it fits all your needs perfectly, especially if you have plenty of choices. You may luck out and find the perfect iPad casino on your first try, but most likely you’ll need to do this step a few times.

Though Apple has been reporting falling sales for the device, the number of iPads being used on a daily basis is enough to convince me that Apple’s tablet is here to stay. 360 million-plus iPads have been sold by 2017, and new releases keep interest in the gadget alive. Rumors of a new larger iPad have already sparked an increase in interest on tech forums – it’s clear that Apple has a winner on its hand.

iPad gambling will be around so long as the iPad is in use. Apple gadget fans tend to be tech-savvy with enough disposable income to afford the manufacturer’s higher retail prices. That’s a perfect recipe for creating a casino gambler. Expect even more iPad-oriented gambling opportunities to appear over the next few years.