iPhone Casinos for Real Money

The phrase “iPhone casino” refers to any mobile gambling site compatible with Apple’s iPhone. Mobile casinos and apps are becoming more popular worldwide. With some 1.16 billion iPhones by March 2017 sold since the device’s US premiere in 2008, it makes sense that providers of mobile gaming would create iPhone-friendly games and tap into that large market.

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Apple has an interesting history in regards to real-money betting. At one time, their policies restricted any app that allowed cash betting on anything. Why did they have a change of heart about mobile gambling?

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Look at the amount of money mobile app stores are raking in from games alone – worldwide spending on gaming apps grew to over the $46 billion in 2017. While that number includes all mobile games (and not just gambling-related expenses), it’s an excellent indicator of a trend towards increased mobile spending. In short – Apple knows a good thing when it sees it.

iPhone Casino FAQ

1. What is Apple’s current policy related to iPhone casinos?

Back in 2013, Apple changed their long-standing policy against real-money betting. Before this change, iPhone casinos were not technically allowed. The new policy allows for gambling under specific conditions. For example, apps that allow real wagers must prove they hold proper licensure, they must restrict use in parts of the world where they’re not allowed by law, and they must be available to customers at no cost.

2. Can I gamble on my iPhone from the United States?

Yes and no. iPhone users in America can easily log on to sites that offer instant play mobile casino games to US bettors and play that way, even if the service is not specifically designed for the iPhone. The reason I say “No” is that, according to Apple policy, Americans aren’t currently allowed to download gambling-specific apps, the way iPhone users in Europe and Asia can.

3. Is iPhone gambling legal?

The answer to this question depends on what part of the world you live in. Outside of the laws of your country, there’s nothing that makes iPhone-based betting “illegal.” Local, state, and federal laws are vastly different from one part of the world to the next. If you’re concerned about the legality of playing at an iPhone-capable casino, look up your region’s gaming laws, or consult a legal professional.

4. What’s the best iPhone-compatible casino?

Anyone who tries to tell you “the best iPhone gaming site” is probably a salesman. I can no more tell you what the ideal iPhone-based betting venue is for you than you could tell me what my favorite color is. Instead of selling you a line about a particular site, I’ll share some steps anyone can take to pick an iPhone gaming site or app that fits their needs.

Choosing an iPhone-Friendly Casino

It’s hard to say exactly how many iPhone-compatible betting sites and apps exist because the number available has a lot to do with where you live. For example, some iPhone-friendly sites are not available to US customers, others aren’t available outside the US.

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It’s safe to say, though, that people who live in parts of the world where Apple allows gambling app downloads have way too many choices to trim down on their own. The same can probably be said for US players, too, since mobile sites with instant play games are generally available to them, just not app downloads.

The first step – make a list of all the iPhone-compatible casino sites and apps available to people from your country. This could be a really long list or a really short list depending on where in the world you live.

You can reduce the number of sites on your list by removing any site that’s been blacklisted. Casino blacklists put together by review sites are easy enough to find on Google. While you’re at it, search forums and message boards for customer complaints about the different services you’re interested in. You may be able to cross a few names off the list based on these reviews.

Trim the fat from your list of iPhone casinos by focusing on sites that have games you enjoy. The reason this step works is simple – some mobile apps and mobile-compatible sites specialize in certain games or styles of play. Still, others have proprietary software or use software platforms (like NetEntertainment) that are less common and higher-quality. Cut any casino or app that doesn’t meet your criteria.

Now that you’ve whittled your list of casinos down to a more manageable size, you can start to get nitpicky. Maybe you prefer a specific version of blackjack that only a few iPhone casinos offer, or maybe you’re looking for a particular bonus or promotion to sweeten the deal. Whatever the feature you’re particular about, it helps to get as specific as possible when trying to decide where to play casino games online.

The iPhone is more than a trend or a fashion accessory. It took Apple five years to sell the first 200 million units, a feat they accomplished in 2012. The company would sell another 200 million units in just one year, an indication of the soaring popularity of the device.

Because it’s safe to assume that the iPhone is here to stay, it’s safe to say that iPhone-based gambling will always be a part of the online gaming landscape. If you’re new to iPhone ownership and want to try your hand at casino gambling on your shiny new device, now is the best time ever to do so.