Mybet and Kambi Team Up For German Launch

Sportsbooks specialist and provider of omni-channel integration solutions, Kambi, has had a hectic period gaining business momentum on an eventful US market. Having finalized strategic partnerships in New Jersey and Pennsylvania among other territories, they now turn to Europe, where another lucrative market lies in wait.

A big return to German soil is in the plans for Mybet – a reputable sports betting company is under new ownership, belonging to Rhinoceros Operations investment group…

…which plans to relaunch this brand in Europe’s single biggest market, with the logistics provided by Kambi.

Financially Reinvigorated

This new launch of online sports betting in Germany is planned during this year’s first six months and Kambi will make sure to deliver a full-fledged sportsbook with an array of managed services, fit to operate on desktop and mobile devices.

Rhinoceros Operations also considers utilizing Kambi services in order to launch sportsbooks with some other brands it has under its umbrella. Mybet was withdrawn from the German market during fall of last year when MyBet Holdings SE faced serious financial issues.

The company filed for bankruptcy after unsuccessful investor negotiations in August, with $4.6 million in sports betting taxes still owed.

Rhinoceros has purchased Mybet brand as well as its digital assets soon after the announcement of insolvency.

History is not Enough

Kristian Nylen, Kambi’s CEO, illustrates the point of online operators’ increasingly problematic position in an industry that changes very quickly as he remarks:

“The story of mybet illustrates why operators cannot afford to rely purely on the strength of their brand and history in a market. Online sports bettors are increasingly promiscuous so operators must ensure they have sufficient scale in their product investments to provide exciting sports betting experiences at all times to remain competitive.”

To this, Rhinoceros Groups CEO, Tobias Carlsson, adds a reminder that Mybet was one of the pioneers of German sports betting and that with Kambi it will do everything in its power to “revive the legacy” and bring betting experience players in this Central European country desire.

Germany Via Philadelphia

As for Kambi, they drew January to a close with a successful take off at South Philadelphia Turf Club where their sports betting expertise rose to the occasion.

The Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment-owned property has been given green light by Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, as this “prime location offers a unique platform to reach some of Philly’s most passionate sports fans,” in the words of chief commercial officer of Kambi, Max Meltzer.


“Mybet to relaunch in Germany with Kambi”,, February 4, 2019.

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