Nektan’s Financial Results Boosted by Asian Market

Nektan’s Financial Results Boosted by Asian Market

iGaming specialist, Nektan, has posted results that confirm the 48.1% increase in net gaming revenue for the 12 months from June 30th 2017 to June 30th 2018, to €22 million, after the 18.5% rise in first-time depositors in the final quarter.

Nektan’s interim CEO, Gary Shaw, pins this success down to the great breakthrough the company has made in Asia – more specifically, from their transformation to sophisticated multi-vendor market. Shaw says that the demand in Asia is accelerating rapidly and that the company is building on this momentum of these record results with the launch of new bonus tools for this continent’s market in the next couple of weeks, with as much as 16 new sites coming up in the international markets in the third quarter. Shaw stresses that Asian operators are becoming less reliant on turnkey solutions.

Shaw comments: “There are new entrants in Asia and we are one of them, and our focus is on operators across Southeast Asia, where there are 650 million people. As we are new to the market and the market is so large, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us. If you’ve already scaled your operation in Asia, it’s going to get harder.”

“Rather than just using turnkey solutions, as was the case for several years, operators are now interested in new entrants that are coming in with better sub-set products, so people with niche game content layers and data analytics tools are benefiting. There are still turnkey solutions, but now there are also additional products and that’s why you’re seeing some margins drop away. The market is shifting from a single-solution approach to a multi-vendor approach with most operators, who want to go with the best-in-class option. It’s just a sign of the market becoming more sophisticated.”

Nektan offered its B2B platform, Evolve Lite, in Asia and towards the last year they penned a partnership agreement with Konami and there are currently talks that the company is negotiating with five studios about making their remote gaming server available to them in the US, India, Japan and Australia.


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