New Hampshire Senate Talks Sports Betting Possibility

The New England state of New Hampshire could soon be a part of a legal sports betting team if their House Bill 480 becomes law.

The plan is to incorporate sports betting into various retail establishments, as well as through mobile apps…

…while Senator, Lou D’Alessandro, proposes sports betting only through casinos.

Big Revenue Ahead

According to the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, that would regulate sports betting in this state, legal wagering on sports events would be a huge deal financially.

The Lottery Commission published statistics showing that the citizens of this state currently wager between $140 million and $280 million on sports annually.

If sports betting becomes legal, according to the House Bill…

…the state could earn between $1.5 and $7.5 million in revenue in the first year only.

Gambling Venues

Also, according to the proposal, regulation of sports gambling would cost the state around $800,000, but it still remains a mystery who would be granted permission to become a sports betting vendor.

Nevertheless, the potential vendor will have to set up retail places and also has permission to set up a mobile app.

The bill doesn’t mention if the state would build new retail venues or if sports betting would be incorporated in existing establishments…

…like bars or convenience stores. One of the possible options is also to create the first standalone sports betting retail shops in the state. The bill also doesn’t specify the expected number of such venues.

Other Clauses of the Bill

The plan is to use 10% of the state revenue for fighting against gambling addiction, while the state would have to hire and pay nine people to regulate sports betting in the state.

Other things mentioned in the bill are in regards to the age restrictions. All wagers have to be placed by a person of a minimum 18 years of age…

…and located physically in New Hampshire.

Bettors can gamble on any professional sports event and college sport where no New Hampshire teams participate. Also, betting on fantasy or high school sports will not be allowed.

Senator’s Proposal

Senator Lou D’Alessandro, who has been trying for the past 20 years to legalize casinos in New Hampshire, says that the restrictions mentioned in the Bill are similar to the ones in New Jersey’s.

The NJ bill limits sports betting to casinos and racetracks, so the Senator wants to do the same and incorporate sports betting in two new state casinos.

“I am not convinced that spreading it out is the way to go. I think there will be plenty of opportunity in a few places. It would be easier to monitor and you can have a safe and secure environment,” D’Alessandro said.

Also, according to the House Bill, New Hampshire would get a 12% take, but the Senator is still waiting for more Lottery Commission feedback. The Bill is filed in the House Ways and Meeting Committee.


“New Hampshire House, Senate bills pave the way for sports betting”, Bob Sanders,, January 15, 2019.

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