New Jersey to Become Open For International Players

The state of New Jersey could become available for international players form countries where online gambling is legal, who would be able to play on sites owned by New Jersey-licensed iGaming operators. This could be the outcome if Senate Bill 3536, proposed by Senator Raymond Lesniak, is passed by the state Legislature. The bill itself was originally introduced in late November.

Sen. Lesniak has been waving the flag for the expansion of gambling laws for quite some time now. He is an active participant in efforts to legalize online gambling in the state and first announced that he was working on the new bill back in August.

It contains directives and provisions that will not make a necessity of operators basing their service in Atlantic City in order to operate in the state. As the new amendment would allow for operators’ equipment and servers to be located outside of the city, it would also allow for players from anywhere outside New Jersey to take part in online gambling with operators who are licensed by the state.

As Sen. Lesniak has already announced his retirement when this legislative term ends, that means that his bill would have to be passed by the deadline date of January 9, 2018. Some analysts and experts are of the opinion that there are good chances that the Bill will gain enough support to be passed – not least from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement which has been lobbying for changes such as these for a long time now.

Sen. Lesniak himself has said that he feels optimistic that a, “change in the status quo and a permission for international pooling as well as pooling between states where iGaming is legal would further boost the state’s online gambling sector”.