New Mobile Sports Betting Bill Filed in New York

As it seems, the state of New York might soon approve a new sports betting bill that would legalize sports betting via mobile devices. New York Lawmakers, led by Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, introduced a bill named A06113…

…that would enable wagering on sports events via mobile, in licensed casinos and at special wagering lounges all over the state.

This bill, if it becomes a law, would change the racing, pari-mutuel and breeding laws that are currently active in NY in order to allow sports gambling.

Details of the Bill

All NY bettors, that are at least 21 years old, would be permitted to place their wagers on both professional and collegiate sports events…

…but it is important to mention that placing wagers on high school competitions will be strongly forbidden.

Of course, the New York State Gaming Commission would be in charge of regulating the gambling market.

All operators that gain the license to offer sports betting in the state of New York, would have to pay a tax of 8.5% of gross sports betting revenue. The plan is to split this tax money and use it for various causes…

…like educating people on all the dangers of gambling addiction and how to treat this type of problem. Also, the tax would help cover the costs of regulation of sports betting.

The Royalty Fee

All licensed casinos that get the opportunity to offer sports betting in this state will, besides tax, have also the obligation to pay a “royalty fee” of 0.2% of the amount wagered on sports events conducted by registered sports governing bodies. They will have to pay this in 30 days max at the end of each year.

It is not mentioned in the bill how much those licenses would cost…

…but all those casinos that would want to offer mobile sports betting as well will be able to have a partner, but that partner must also have an NY license.

All gamblers that wish to place their wagers would be able to make deposits and withdrawals from their mobile account either in-person at a casino or an affiliated facility. Also, they would be able to do so via authorized electronic payment methods approved by the gaming commission.

When operators get their license, they must make sure that their mobile servers are located at their own licensed facility.

When it comes to allowing sport betting at lounges that are specially designated for those purposes…

…it is mentioned in the bill that these facilities are classified as areas that operate a legal sports pool. It is said in the bill that both in-person and mobile sports betting will be permitted in those special lounges.

In-stadium Sports Betting

This new bill would grant the possibility to allow in-stadium legal sports betting since Madison Square Garden (MSG) has applied to trademark their brand for sports betting purposes.

MSG applied to use this brand across online, mobile and social media. They want to be trademarked for downloadable mobile apps for sports wagering…

…as well as organizing, arranging, conducting and participating in sports wagering tournaments, providing information related to sports bets, and competitions and contests.


“Pretlow files mobile sports betting bill in New York”,, March 4, 2019.

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