New York Judge To Shut Down DFS Contests?

New York Judge To Shut Down DFS Contests?

Daily fantasy sports contests have been brought to a halt in the state of New York, after a judge declared such competitions illegal and in direct violation of constitutional prohibitions against gambling.

To put it differently, the ruling that DFS are ‘not games of skill’, was actually passed by Acting Supreme Court Justice, Gerald W. Connolly. However, the entire case was brought forth by lawyer, Cornelius Murray, who is keen on shutting down the contests within the state’s borders.

A ‘Cat And Mouse’ Game

Despite the efforts of neighboring Pennsylvania to grant further DFS applications, operators DraftKings and FanDuel have gone through a series of court battles in 2015, when Eric Schneiderman, the Attorney General at the time, discontinued both platforms’ betting services…

The operators were “denied injunctive relief” or monetary damage by the Supreme Court, since the highest jurisdictional body sided with Schneiderman’s assessment that DFS contests are not considered legal under the existing gambling law.

Still, several months later, the lawmakers changed legislation, allowing fantasy sports to continue as a game of skill…

Fighting The Law With Murray

The related anti-gambling coalition hired Murray to engage the new law, since a constitutional amendment is required for a voter referendum. Scheiderman, who currently acts as general counsel against DFS in the state of New York, has requested the court for dismissal.

However, the discharge was denied, despite his assurances that the territory properly regulated fantasy sports, which, at this time, leaves the citizens of NY ignorant about the outcome, at least until FanDuel and DraftKings appeal the ruling…

Current Attorney General of the state, Barbara Underwood, will take the final decision in the coming months as sessions continue.

To sum up, operators DraftKings and FanDuel paid $6 million each to settle litigation surrounding marketing practices. New York is by far their second-biggest market, which was used to justify Schneiderman’s accusations regarding illegal gambling and “deceptive marketing practices.”


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