Ex-NFL Star Clinton Portis in Legal Trouble over Gambling Debt, Taxes

Over the course of his career, former NFL running back Clinton Portis made tens of millions of dollars. However, it seems like the cash might be drying up since the ex-Washington Redskins star is now embroiled in a legal matter over a massive gambling debt and back taxes.

The Independent Florida Alligator reports that Portis racked up a gambling debt worth $287,178 during his May 2015 stay at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. This only compounds problems that he’s facing over back taxes, which include $401,432 in individual income taxes in 2006 (his third season with the Redskins) and another $57,187 in individual income taxes in 2010.

It’s pretty clear that Portis had plenty of money at one point in his life. After being traded from the Denver Broncos to the Redskins in 2004, he signed an eight-year, $50.5 million contract. This made him the league’s highest-paid running back, and Portis definitely produced by gaining 9,923 rushing yards and scoring 80 total touchdowns in his 9-year career – seven of which were spent with Washington.

However, according to a report by TMZ, a bad business deal in 2008 may have eaten away a chunk of his fortune. Going further, he put a large amount of funds into a casino that eventually went bankrupt. Since that time, Portis has been trying to sue a former financial adviser who “tricked” him into investing in the casino.

“This been ongoing since 2011, 2012. We just gotta go through the court process,” Portis told TMZ. “There’s nothing else I can do. My lawyers are currently dealing with this. At the time I was the biggest name and had the deepest pockets. Now, they’re trying to hold me solely responsible for what was a bad business deal involving a lot of different people.”

Portis now owes over $1 million total to different creditors, including the $287 gambling debt to MGM and $450k in back taxes. Additionally, he also owes money through real estate and car loans.

Despite all of the legal and financial trouble he’s facing, Portis doesn’t seem overly phased by the matter. In fact, he says that he’s doing pretty well these days. “My lawyers are on top of it,” said Portis “I’m still eating. Look at my Instagram. I’m not starving. I’m gaining weight. I’m doing fine. I’ll be okay.”