No Download Online Casinos

No download online casinos are gambling websites that offer real-money wagers on games without the need for a software download. Instead of running from an executable file, the games are essentially animated either in Java or Flash.

Pros & Cons of No Download Casinos

These sites are sometimes called “instant play casinos,” which I think hits closer to the mark. Provided you are able to open an account and make a deposit, no download casinos host games that are available literally the instant your browser opens the site.

Top 3 No Download Casino Sites

Top sites ranked by 10 years of experience
Bovada Casino Casino


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Vegas Casino Online Casino


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Lincoln Casino Casino


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Why would a person want to join a site like this? For starters, the days of the software download are just about gone. That’s not to say that download platforms aren’t still available; but with Internet connection speeds and computer hardware improving all the time, the turn to instant-play seems inevitable.

Instant play games are fully compatible with mobile devices. This is a huge deal because mobile casinos are something of a phenomenon. Joining a site that makes instant games available means having access to your favorite games on the go, on your smartphone or tablet. Sure, mobile gambling apps which require a download exist, but they’re becoming the minority, just like their desktop cousins.

Still another feather in the instant play casino cap – Mac owners tend to flock to instant play sites because download software isn’t compatible with Mac OS. Rather than run a Windows emulator, Mac owners can access no download casino games with the same ease as a person running a Windows machine.

As for the disadvantages – there’s one major one. Instant play games are still not as good-looking or functional as those available through a software download. This has to do with the limitations of the animation platform the games are built on, as well as the designer’s desire to avoid lag. Experiencing lag during a head-to-head poker or casino game could be a real bummer and result in actual financial losses. So the designers limit the size and scope of the game to protect against it.

Instant Play Casino Games

The tricky thing about picking a no download gaming site is that their libraries are often way more limited than what you’re used to from download sites. Some sites are starting to increase the size of their gaming libraries to match the variety available from a download, but not all of them have done so.

The game that appears in the most variety at instant play sites is – no surprise – the venerable slot machine. You’ll find plenty of progressive, licensed, and advanced titles in the slot department. In fact, it would be nice if instant play sites would improve their table game variety to match their slot section.

About those table games – unless you consider video poker a table game, the variety you’ll have access to is pretty slim. Yes, you can play blackjack, craps, roulette, and casino-style poker, often in multiple variations and formats. But the sites that host these games don’t pay nearly enough attention to variety, even in games (like blackjack) where casinos have been creating variety for years.

How to Choose a No Download Casino

Okay, you’re sold. How are you supposed to pick an instant play site, considering the sheer number of such sites that exist? I want to share some simple tips that should make your search for no download casino action quick and painless.

Before you join any gaming site, look into their licensure and various certifications. Licensure is probably the most important of these, and it’s also the one feature that’s really easy to check. If a site is licensed by a legitimate authority, such as the UK, Alderney, the Isle of Man, etc., then the site is definitely an above-board operators. If the site is licensed by a fly-by-night jurisdiction (Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, etc.), then you should probably find another place to play.

The second thing I’d do is search message boards and forums for real customer reviews. What you’re really looking for are complaints from current and former players. A simple Google or Bing search can sometimes get you the information you need without even having to search a specific forum.

What are you looking for? I’d look for things like slow payment times, complaints of non-payment, and even complaints about outright customer abuse. Sadly, all three of these things are more common in this industry than they should be. You’ll find complaints about every gaming website you can think of – the trick is picking the legitimate complaints out of the petty or downright fraudulent ones. You’ll get better at this over time.

A final step that I wish everyone would take before they join a no download casino is to test out the site’s games in free-play format. If the site doesn’t offer free games to test, don’t join. If they do, and you don’t like ANYTHING about the game, move on to another site. You’ll be spending your hard-earned cash here – why not pick a site that you completely love?

The advantages of instant play casinos outweigh the disadvantages. This is especially true if you prefer mobile play, if you own a Mac, or if you just don’t want to cram your computer’s hard drive with another piece of software. Accessibility and ease of play are the name of the game when it comes to no download games of chance and skill, so if you’re looking for a simple variety of gambling options without much hassle, look into a no download casino site.

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